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#18 Themed music compos, IQ talks Shadertoy

[ ZINE: The Radio Show ] #18 Themed music compos, IQ talks Shadertoy

We kick off this month with an audience question: Are themed music compos a net positive or net negative? Is there a loss of interest in music compos in general? After that, a discussion about demos using stock assets and commercial engines - is it worth it? Should it be shunned upon? Finally, the legend himself, IQ joins us to tell us the story and beginnings of Shadertoy, how he views the growth of the site and what makes it special, and retells some parts of his stellar career, how his beginnings in the scene allowed him to have it, and his views on the direction of the scene.

Send us your questions, suggestions and voice messages to zineradioshow@scene.org

Join the discussion on the Demoscene Discord server or our own.

Links in the episode:

Episode credits:

  • Hosts: Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid
  • Produced by: Gargaj
  • Editing, audio jingles, and engineering: Gloom
  • Cover art: Critikill

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