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ArtCity - Showcase: Comaland (2014) by Censor Design & Oxyron

Comaland - The Comaland
Comaland - fairy
Comaland - Bumblebee
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So you’ve heard something about the demoscene. You know that it’s a collection of highly talented digital artists from around the world who produce mind blowing demonstrations on all sorts of computer hardware.

Now you want to know more.. more about the demos and about the people behind them, but you don’t know where to start?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Us dedicated people here at Demoscene Outreach have all joined up for a mission.. a mission to spread the gospel of the demoscene to the entire world. Whether you’re an artist, a designer, a musician, a programmer or just someone who appreciates the special brand of underground digital art that the demoscene has to offer, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. And once we’ve taught you all that we can, we’ll show you how you can take things to the next level and get involved yourself!

We’ll be bringing you news and in-depth articles as well as pointing you at the very best that the demoscene has to offer. What’s more, all this content will be geared towards you – the newcomer to the demoscene. Take our hand and stick with us, we’ll look after you!

And now that you’ve found us, stay tuned! We’ve got so many exciting things that we’re just dying to tell you about..

WiderScreen 2–3/2020 Out

[ Demoscene Research ] WiderScreen 2–3/2020 Out
A special issue of WiderScreen, edited by Julia Erdogan, Gleb and me, has just been published with the topic “Home‌ ‌Computer‌ ‌Cultures‌ ‌and‌ ‌Society‌ ‌Before‌ ‌the‌ ‌Internet‌ ‌Age‌”. We’ll add the individual articles to the bibliography a bit later, but already at this point I can reveal that there’s plenty to read for demoscene enthusiasts and researchers alike.

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Tracker and PETSCII papers added

[ Demoscene Research ] Tracker and PETSCII papers added
Just added my own Finnish journal article Trackerit: paradigman synty, kukoistus ja myöhemmät vaiheet (2019), which deals with the history and creators of tracker software, and the text art related paper titled PETSCII – A Character Set and a Creative Platform (Reunanen, Heikkinen & Carlsson 2019).
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Finnish Unesco application approved!

[ Demoscene Research ] Finnish Unesco application approved!
The Finnish application to get the demoscene recognized by the national Unesco chapter as intangible cultural heritage was accepted just this week. Congratz to everybody involved! The scene is the first branch of digital culture to appear on the list, and the Finnish application was also the first of the national applications to be approved. Read the official announcement here and more about the larger Art of Coding project here. We hope that this success motivates and helps other countries with their respective efforts - the next one we should be hearing about is the German one. Now it's time to show your parents that you were right all along, and the hours you spent by the computer were officially recognized cultural heritage.

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Demoscene 2019 Highlights under 10 minutes

Start of 2020, perfect timing to do a round up of the best demoscene releases from 2019. Subjective as always, video on youtube with a playlist to watch all the demos: link
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UNESCO German & Finnish applications

[ Demoscene Research ] UNESCO German & Finnish applications
As youve probably noticed, there is an ongoing attempt to get the demoscene recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage. Both Gleb and me have been participating in the national applications that need to be submitted first. See here for a news item on the German application, and here to see the Finnish one that []
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Demoscene Research: June Updates

[ Demoscene Research ] June Updates
Finally added two missing papers: Hodges 2018 and Desidério & Rossi 2008. Two interesting books came out recently, and we’re working on getting them read and added as well. The first one is Media Piracy in the Cultural Economy by Gavin Mueller and the other Gaming the Iron Curtain by Jaroslav Svelch.
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Vice on the American Demoscene

[ Demoscene Research ] Vice on the American Demoscene
Not much updates recently, but here’s one for a start: Vice has published an article on the past and present of the American demoscene.
Right here:

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Tekstitaide – Text Art

[ Demoscene Research ] Tekstitaide – Text Art
For the last ten months or so I’ve been working on a special issue of the WiderScreen journal with Tero “Dr. TerrorZ” Heikkinen. Finally it’s out and there’s plenty of demo-related content as well: Daniel Botz’s article on scrollers and Gleb’s piece on the role of text art in the demo and cracker scenes, just to mention two. Check it out at http://widerscreen.fi/numerot/2017-1-2/ . The individual articles will find their way to the bibliography sooner or later.

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Doreen Hartmann’s scene dissertation out

[ Demoscene Research ] Doreen Hartmann’s scene dissertation out
Doreen Hartmann’s doctoral dissertation has now been edited into a book form and goes by the name Digital Art Natives: Praktiken, Artefakte und Strukturen der Computer-Demoszene. It can be purchased online here and here. In addition there’s a website with further content.
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Writeup of the Symposium

[ Demoscene Research ] Writeup of the Symposium
Ksenia Tatarchenko from the University of Geneva has written a nice report on the subcultures symposium held in Zürich, Switzerland in March. Read it here: http://www.infoclio.ch/de/home-computer-subcultures-and-society-internet-age-0
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Home Computer Subcultures History Conference (ZH/CH, 24/25 March)

[ Demoscene Research ] Home Computer Subcultures History Conference (ZH/CH, 24/25 March)
An international workshop on the history of early home computer subcultures and their place in society will take place 24-25 March 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. It is organised by two of our editors, Gleb J. Albert and Markku Reunanen, as well as Julia Erdogan, who researches the history of hacking in Germany. Speakers will include Patryk Wasiak, Nick Montfort, Kevin Driscoll, and many more. On the evening of the 24th, there will be a screening of the new scene documentary “The 8-Bit Philosophy 2: The Good and the Bad Guys” by Konstantin Stürz. See http://tinyurl.com/hcsubconf for info and program, and http://tinyurl.com/hcsubposter for the poster.

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Dr. Marq

[ Demoscene Research ] Dr. Marq
The defense went well, so now it’s finally time to publish the full version of the thesis for your enjoyment (and add it to the bibliography too). Here goes: Times of Change in the Demoscene: A Creative Community and Its Relationship with Technology. I’ll let you know when the printed version becomes available on the university webshop, although it’ll be just a few copies.
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PhD thesis defense coming up

[ Demoscene Research ] PhD thesis defense coming up
Markku’s thesis, Times of Change in the Demoscene: A Creative Community and Its Relationship with Technology, is finally done and he’ll defend it in Pori, Finland on February 17. If you happen to be around, do come and see it. Below a couple of links with more details: […]
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The Demoscene

[ Demoscene Research ] The Demoscene
Added David Chmelik’s demoscene introduction from 2014. Sorry for the recent lack of updates, but I have a thesis to finish here
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Another call for proposals

[ Demoscene Research ] Another call for proposals
Anders Carlsson pointed us to I/O Symposium, which is looking for contributions (papers, panels and creative works). Their colorful list of possible topics the demoscene, chip music and piracy, so this might be another opportunity for you.


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New German demoscene documentary

[ Demoscene Research ] New German demoscene documentary
Daniel Botz let us know that there’s a new German demo documentary by Gravitation Art available on YouTube:

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WiderScreen CfP on text art

[ Demoscene Research ] WiderScreen CfP on text art
I will be co-editing WiderScreen issue 1/2017 with Tero Heikkinen. The topic for the thematic issue is text art, naturally including PETSCII, ANSI and ASCII. I’m hoping that this would be an opportunity for demo researchers, since the scene, too, produces different kinds of text art. See here for more info and the deadlines: http://widerscreen.fi/call-for-papers/

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Pixel Art and more

[ Demoscene Research ] Pixel Art and more
Added The Masters of Pixel Art Volume 1 by Klas Benjaminsson. In other news: we’ve discovered quite a pile of missing academic articles plus book chapters recently, and will be adding them little by little during the next weeks (didn’t dare to say days).
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Position paper by Brodersen Hansen

[ Demoscene Research ] Position paper by Brodersen Hansen
Added Motivating digital fabrication processes – learning from the demoscene by Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, a short position paper from last year.
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Demoscene exhibition in Warsaw

[ Demoscene Research ] Demoscene exhibition in Warsaw
The museum of technology in Warsaw is apparently running a demoscene-themed exhibition as we speak. Find out more here: http://retronavigator.com/post/141494252848/do-you-know-we-have-history-of-damoscene

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