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So you’ve heard something about the demoscene. You know that it’s a collection of highly talented digital artists from around the world who produce mind blowing demonstrations on all sorts of computer hardware.

Now you want to know more.. more about the demos and about the people behind them, but you don’t know where to start?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Us dedicated people here at Demoscene Outreach have all joined up for a mission.. a mission to spread the gospel of the demoscene to the entire world. Whether you’re an artist, a designer, a musician, a programmer or just someone who appreciates the special brand of underground digital art that the demoscene has to offer, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. And once we’ve taught you all that we can, we’ll show you how you can take things to the next level and get involved yourself!

We’ll be bringing you news and in-depth articles as well as pointing you at the very best that the demoscene has to offer. What’s more, all this content will be geared towards you – the newcomer to the demoscene. Take our hand and stick with us, we’ll look after you!

And now that you’ve found us, stay tuned! We’ve got so many exciting things that we’re just dying to tell you about..

Pixel Art and more

[ Demoscene Research ] Pixel Art and more
Added The Masters of Pixel Art Volume 1 by Klas Benjaminsson. In other news: we’ve discovered quite a pile of missing academic articles plus book chapters recently, and will be adding them little by little during the next weeks (didn’t dare to say days).
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Position paper by Brodersen Hansen

[ Demoscene Research ] Position paper by Brodersen Hansen
Added Motivating digital fabrication processes – learning from the demoscene by Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, a short position paper from last year.
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Demoscene exhibition in Warsaw

[ Demoscene Research ] Demoscene exhibition in Warsaw
The museum of technology in Warsaw is apparently running a demoscene-themed exhibition as we speak. Find out more here: http://retronavigator.com/post/141494252848/do-you-know-we-have-history-of-damoscene

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CfP on Video Games and the 1980s

[ Demoscene Research ] CfP on Video Games and the 1980s
Cogent Arts & Humanities will publish a special issue on the 1980s’ videogames and they even mention the demoscene as one possible topic. See here: http://explore.cogentoa.com/call-for-special-issues/video-games-and-the-1980s-call-for-papers
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Ha!art #47: Polish magazine issue on the demoscene

[ Demoscene Research ] Ha!art #47: Polish magazine issue on the demoscene
With a slight delay, we included into our bibliography the special issue (#47/2014) of the Polish cultural magazine Ha!art dedicated to the demoscene. It features 96 pages of materials related to the history and the present state of the scene, including interviews with Yerzmyey, Nick Montfort, and Val Grimm, a feature on the Amiga demoscene with recollections by Polish sceners, and several essays on historical, philosophical, technical and aesthetical aspects. A detailed rundown of the contents can be consulted in our bibliography. The issue is out of print by now, but can be read online. We are indebted to Argasek for providing us with a paper copy.

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The scene and the game industry

[ Demoscene Research ] The scene and the game industry
One more on this topic by Jørgensen, Sandqvist & Sotamaa who have been writing on it before, too. Just added From hobbyists to entrepreneurs: On the formation of the Nordic game industry to the bibliography.
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Asm’15 demos on Finnish TV

[ Demoscene Research ] Asm’15 demos on Finnish TV
Assembly (Summer) 2015 main demo competition was broadcast yesterday by the Finnish broadcasting company, Yle. The program can still be accessed through their online service, Yle Areena. Featuring your Demoscene Research representative Markku quickly at the beginning, too.
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Amiga history & the demo scene

[ Demoscene Research ] Amiga history & the demo scene
Ars Technica just published a lengthy series of articles on the Amiga to celebrate its 30th anniversary. One chapter is dedicated to the demoscene.  

See here:

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New scene stats

[ Demoscene Research ] New scene stats
Bent “Gloom” Stamnes has again updated his statistics on demoscene productions. See the blog post here: http://blog.subsquare.com/state-of-the-demoscene-1991-2014/
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Amiga ASCII art thesis

[ Demoscene Research ] Amiga ASCII art thesis
Added Amiga ASCII -taide, Heikki Lotvonen’s BA thesis which was recently accepted at the Aalto University. The thesis is in Finnish and deals with Amiga ASCII art – the author has also made some nice works himself as the production part.
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[Demoscene Research] Demoscene music thesis

We just added a detailed abstract of Brendan Ratliff’s MA thesis on tracked demoscene music. The author, known to demosceners as “Syphus”, produced an extraordinarily well-written introduction into tracked music, its history and technologies, its specific correlation with demoscene ethics, and its survival in the age of MP3. While originally defended in 2007, it was put online by the author only recently. We highly recommend it as a sound and enjoyable introduction into the subject. You can find the abstract, alongside with a link to the PDF version, in our bibliography at http://www.kameli.net/demoresearch2/?page_id=4
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Kultura Gier Komputerowych 3

[ Demoscene Research ] Kultura Gier Komputerowych 3
The Kultura Gier Komputerowych 3 conference was held in Poland on May 23–24 at the University of Łódź. This time the theme of the event was “Behind the Scenes”, which lured also demoscene researchers in. See the full program here. Our representatives Markku and Gleb were there, in addition to which Patryk Wasiak and Paweł Grabarczyk […]
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Got papers?

[ Demoscene Research ] Got papers?
“GOT PAPERS?”: a new project launched with the aim to digitise and preserve material artefacts of the cracking- and demoscene – digital subcultures from the early era of home computing whose productive output was/is mostly digital and thus rather well-preserved, yet its substantial non-digital output (magazines, flyers, stickers and such) is largely scattered through private […]
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[ Demoscene Research ] Some PETSCII Art
Added Text-Mode and the Live PETSCII Animations of Raquel Meyers – Finding New Meaning through Live Interaction by Leonard J. Paul. The article was published on Leonardo Electronic Almanac in 2013 and it discusses the live character-based performances by Raquel Meyers, also known as AcidT*.
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More piracy-related papers on IJoC

[ Demoscene Research ] More piracy-related papers on IJoC
International Journal of Communication has just published another “special section” on piracy. One of the articles, Crack Intros: Piracy, Creativity, and Communication, written by me, Patryk Wasiak and Daniel Botz deals with the origins and characteristics of crack intros.
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Textual Demoscene

[ Demoscene Research ] Textual Demoscene
Added Textual Demoscene (2015) by Piotr Marecki, an online report published by The Trope Tank. The paper focuses on various kinds of text found in Polish demoscene productions.
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Forgotten pioneers of demoscene research?

[ Demoscene Research ] Forgotten pioneers of demoscene research?
Usually, George Borzykowski’s 1996 study “The Hacker Demo Scene and Its Cultural Artifacts” is considered the first scholarly treatment of the demoscene as a phenomenon in its own right. However, without questioning the pioneering character of Borzykowski’s work, it appears now that demoscene research is older than assumed. The German sociologists Roland Eckert, Waldemar Vogelsang, Thomas A. Wetzstein, and Rainer Winter conducted a study of “computer freaks” in 1990, and published their results in a collective monograph, “Auf digitalen Pfaden. Die Kulturen von Hackern, Programmierern, Crackern und Spielern”, the following year. In the chapter on the cracking scene, they dedicate several pages on the back-then new phenomenon of intro coders, graphics artists and musicians within pirate groups beginning to care less about the cracked games and more about producing standalone intros and demos. The authors see in this development a potential for a new form of digital art, and they introduce the term “demoscene” as a self-description by the scene’s participants. Read a detailed summary of this forgotten pioneer work in our bibliography.

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Piracy issues

[ Demoscene Research ] Piracy issues
We’re not going to try and include all piracy-related publications here, because it’s a different sandbox after all. Having said that, the topic is surely interesting to many of our readers, so here’s a link to the brand new issue of Popular Communication (1/2015) with the topic Piracy and Social Change. In addition, just came across a similar “special section” on the International Journal on Communication: Piracy Cultures (find it under “more special sections”).

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Scene-related conference in Poland

[ Demoscene Research ] Scene-related conference in Poland
The School of Media and Audiovisual Culture at University of Lodz will organize a conference with the theme “Behind the Scenes” on 23–24.5.2015. More details and the CfP can be found on their website. This could be a nice opportunity to meet your demo researcher peers in person.
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Demoscene Research - News

[ Demoscene Research ] Europe in 8 Bits
A recent documentary movie on the chipscene: Europe in 8 Bits. Available for purchase as DVD/BD or through a streaming service.

[ Demoscene Research ] Four new titles
We’ve added a few new (and old) titles/abstracts to our ever-growing bibliography: Two German books on the 1980s cracking scene by Christian Stöcker (2011) and Matthias Horx (1984), a brand new paper on a C64 cracking/importing group from Peru (!) by Eduardo Marisca (2013), and a recent book chapter on games circulation in late-socialist Czechoslovakia […]

[ Demoscene Research ] Um Papel
Quite an extraordinary discovery this time: a Brazilian paper on demos by Emmanoel Ferreira and Abel Duarte, published at the VIII Simpósio Nacional da ABCiber (2014). The first ever demo article I’ve seen in Portuguese.

[ Demoscene Research ] New Blood Joins This Earth…
We’re happy to announce that we have a new editor who will help us speed up the updates – Antti hasn’t had much time lately and Markku has been quite burdened, too. Now Gleb has joined the crew. He’s currently doing his postdoc at the University of Zurich with a focus on software piracy. Expect […]

[ Demoscene Research ] Broken links fixed
Thanks to Brian Qiu who pointed out some broken links. Now most of them should be ok again. There are some changes looming ahead in the near future, but more on that later.

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