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2017-05-05 - CONS : Submissions will be activated shortly after they arrive. Big party updates will still take time.
2016-11-28 - CONS : I am very sorry to inform you that due to a health issue, there will not be any big updates anytime soon (expect it to be months from now on) . Submissions may take a long time before being activated. Again, I am sorry, I did not plan for this.
2016-11-14 - CONS : Riverwash 2016 compo gfx added


[Demoscene Research] Demoscene music thesis

We just added a detailed abstract of Brendan Ratliff’s MA thesis on tracked demoscene music. The author, known to demosceners as “Syphus”, produced an extraordinarily well-written introduction into tracked music, its history and technologies, its specific correlation with demoscene ethics, and its survival in the age of MP3. While originally defended in 2007, it was put online by the author only recently. We highly recommend it as a sound and enjoyable introduction into the subject. You can find the abstract, alongside with a link to the PDF version, in our bibliography at http://www.kameli.net/demoresearch2/?page_id=4
[Submitted by dipswitch]
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