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ArtCity - X 2016

One Second Demo
Pal In The Hole
Snoopy Hires
2016-11-28 - CONS : I am very sorry to inform you that due to a health issue, there will not be any big updates anytime soon (expect it to be months from now on) . Submissions may take a long time before being activated. Again, I am sorry, I did not plan for this.
2016-11-14 - CONS : Riverwash 2016 compo gfx added
2016-11-14 - CONS : Graphics from spectrum party Out of Compo 2016 are now added


Asm’15 demos on Finnish TV

[ Demoscene Research ] Asm’15 demos on Finnish TV
Assembly (Summer) 2015 main demo competition was broadcast yesterday by the Finnish broadcasting company, Yle. The program can still be accessed through their online service, Yle Areena. Featuring your Demoscene Research representative Markku quickly at the beginning, too.
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