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BitFellas SceneCity

Welcome to SceneCity

Dear Sceners!

The BitFellas team would like to invite you to the articles section of our portal, articles are taken from scene diskmags on a variety of platforms (for example amiga, pc, c64).

The great thing is that they are now readable on any machine you chose as we have formatted them for the web!

Thanks to all the diskmag authors and editors who have given us permission to post these great articles.

An added bonus of doing this is that authors can easily see how many visitors have checked their articles.
We have also added a comment function recently!

You can also Submit your own article or scene interview for inclution here and reach loads of readers in one fell swoop.

Some demo scene interview sheets for sceners to fill out for us are now available in the surveys area - these are simple text-based sheets with questions for you to respond to.

Be part of the community, introduce yourself, give us an idea of who you are and what you think! After they've been checked into the system these surveys will be available for everyone to read.

We hope you get a really good read out of this section - over time we will be adding more and more content to this area of the site. Naturally this also depends on your support.

Maybe you are a diskmag editor? If you'd like to submit any articles from your magazine/s - please use the form to submit something - enjoy!

The BitFellas
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