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Songs: 36181, Authors: 6123
by JC
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Podcast info page

What is a podcast?
It's thought that the term podcast comes from the combination of the words iPod & broadcasting, but we'd rather define it as an offline radio show. Our main goal was creating 30-40 minute shows of demoscene music that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. The MP3 format enables you to play it on your computer, portable media player, or burn it onto a CD; so you can enjoy it at home, in the office or whilst traveling. As the tracks we use are free and our work is free too, you also get it for free.

A few people at BitFellas like ALiEN, Buzzer, KEiTO, ne7, Serpent, Spectral and Virgill had the idea to launch a podcast. We loved the quality of the Hardread podcast and contacted the Hardread dudes about joining forces. The Hardread podcast was founded by the members Vincenzo and Pohar in the summer of 2006. After making 20 shows, they decided to join the BitFellas community to take a bigger part in the scene. By uniting with BitJam it is hoped more listeners might get to know scenemusic. It will also be a great platform for musicians to show their skills outside of compos held at parties.

How to tune in?
First of all check BitFellas for the latest info about the LIVE premier of new shows at BitJam radio; secondly, you can download each show.

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