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Opportunities to contribute to BitFellas!

We are seeking a number of people for long-term engagement in the continued development and future of BitFellas. For you as a contributor, this is a good opportunity to get into the guts of a biggish community site, as well as do something positive for the demoscene community as a whole. We, the visitors and the scene will definitely appreciate your effort.

We are currently looking for people to fill the following positions;

Someone with good php and mysql experience, and who can be available to finetune along the way. As well as ironing out bugs and customizing existing code, the person(s) we are looking for will develop and create new features in cooperation with the rest of the team. So hopefully you get along well with other people and plan to stick around for more than a couple of weeks IE. Teamwork & Commitment!

We are always in need of good, productive graphicians to help us with banners for events/podcasts, icons and other incidental graphics.

Do you like to keep up with current events in the scene and have good English skills? Good! We are looking for someone to join the news team. Our news system will do the major job for you but there is always the need to clean up and fix random quirks.

BitJam is always looking for support from dedicated individuals for a number of different tasks - if you are good with software and is able to produce highquality renders of existing music, then we're looking for you. Or, if you're a purist that likes to record music from real hardware (let's face it - emulation is a poor substitute) you could be the guy we are looking for. If you would like to produce a show for an issue of our weekly podcast, if you're just willing to help with relaying the BitJam stream (we are currently looking for a port 80 relay for people behind firewalls - as just one example), or you would just like to create a jingle or two for us... then step up now!
Podcast mixing tutorial

Want to help with SceneCity (the articles area)?
You'll be moderating and structuring this section, and maybe you have some ideas for new sections and content? If you'd like to bring more content to this area and keep the place in shape we want you!


Care about demoscene related videos?

We are looking for active, creative forum moderators that not only take active part in existing discussions but who will also start new threads on interesting subjects, and are insightful and interested in carrying intelligent discussions on a number of demoscene-related topics. In short, we need active moderators who are willing to breathe some life into some areas of the forum - subjects like retrogaming, coding, movies and other forms of creative art are keywords here. In return you will be given the opportunity to help moderate and expand a creative, growing community and work alongside a great team to help make this site the best it can be. Only regular, long-term dedicated persons need apply.

Basically if you think you can help and you have the time to dedicate to us and the demoscene then contact Mr. Biggles or Dr. Lard... Please bare in mind that we need dedicated people who can contribute regularly, so if you are too busy or only want a position to get in bed with Buzz, then don't bother.

Contact us
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