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BitJam 221 - Out Now!

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BitJam Podcast 21-30

Hardread and BitFellas present BitJam Podcast!


Hardread Podcast Episode #30: [download mp3] - [download cue sheet]

Episode #30 and #30 - Breakpoint 2008 specials
This weekend we will celebrate the 30th episode of both Bitjam and Hardread Podcast, so we will play the two brand new episodes right after each other this Sunday evening. So, prepare the double of your regular dose of beer and enjoy the finest releases of Breakpoint 2008!

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Chromag, logo #30 by H2O

Bitjam podcast #30 playlist:
01. 60 seconds for Mr. Light by Chaser
02. If you really want to xxxx insert you xxxx by Chromag
03. Progressive touch by Mice
04. Jazzelistic vibes by tEiS
05. Falling down soundtrack by KEiTO
06. Skip by Slyspy & MantraPorno
07. Regus ademordna by Gloom
08. Arkham 1798 by Dalezy
09. Diskoschlampe by Akustikrausch
10. Masagin soundtrack by Paniq
11. Descendants of darkness by Romeo Knight
12. Shad 3 soundtrack by Willbe
Total playtime: 48:31min.
Hardread podcast #30 playlist:
01. Atrium 4k soundtrack by Puryx
02. Fight for delight by Skyrunner
03. Gib gas by JCO
04. Kleiner muck by Kakiarts
05. Gimme that glass, Philip! by Slyspy
06. Sort of a Dreamscape (Donuts soundtrack) by D Fast
07. The lotus variation by Xerxes
08. Frozen rain by Nightbeat
09. Floppy disco by Buzzer
10. Dreaming snowdrop by Masterfaker
11. Defilibration by bstrr and Moebious
12. Interstellar soundtrack by Vincenzo
13. Nano by Teo
Total playtime: 45:46

BitJam Episode #29

Episode #29 - C64 part 2 - Back to the roots
Here we go again with a fine C64 music collection. Oldschool music lovers! Prepare your ears, turn up the volume, and forget about your neighbours! Houston, counting down: 5...4...3...1... Offblast!

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by pOWL, logo #29 by Skan

01. Groove by Thomas Danko
02. Ferrero by Fanta
03. Sweet and sour by PRI
04. Aars poetica by Carlos
05. Beats from the Abstract by Randall
06. Labour 4 by Cane
07. Echoes of storm by Orcan
08. One tear by Drax
09. Soldier of Fortune by Page
10. Indersved by Scortia
11. The Getaway by Linus
12. Tracker 01 by Tracker
13. Centric trackmo by PVCF
14. Anal'ogue by Jeff
15. Cortisone by Vip
Total playtime: 38:00min.


BitJam Episode #28

Episode #28 - Happy 2nd Bitday, Bitfellas!
An episode to celebrate the second anniversary of BitFellas. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a bunch of previously unreleased songs!

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingles by tEiS and Buzzer, logo #28 by KF

01. Lullaby by Ne7
02. CPU Slider by Marcer
03. Woman in my head by pOWL
04. Dreamfinder by Awesome-A
05. Loosing track by JCO
06. Purple city by KEiTO
07. Starlightpath by Buzzer
08. iRENiA by tEiS
09. Zak McKracken by Dalezy
10. Skip the 8th bit by Vincenzo
Total playtime: 44:29min.


BitJam Episode #27

Episode #27 - [d]vision part 2
Gargaj visited Vienna on the 14th of December and gave an insight view of the life of a Democoder in Conspiracy and Ümlaut Design, his rockstardays after the first success, Eastern European travelguides and more, frequently interrupted by lots and lots of demos plus commercial breaks for the Function Demoparty in Hungary.

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #27 by H2O

01. Project genesis part 1 by Vincenzo
- Gargaj's presentation part 1 -
02. Nucleus by Gargaj
03. Project genesis part 3 by Innocent and Vincenzo
04. A place called Universe by Innocent and Vincenzo
- Gargaj's presentation part 2 -
05. Sunrise by Gargaj
06. Beyond by Innocent and Vincenzo
07. Binary flow by Innocent and Vincenzo
- Gargaj's presentation part 3 -
08. The prophecy - Project nemesis by Gargaj, Innocent and Vincenzo
09. Rude awakening by Gargaj
10. Bemondono Remix by Gargaj
- Gargaj's presentation part 4 -
11. All what remains - Memento soundtrack by Gargaj
12. Function 2007 invitation soundtrack by Xenophobe
Total playtime: 45:20min.


BitJam Episode #26

Episode #26 - This episode of BitJam is filled with work from active and also formerly active scene-musicians that hail from Berlin/Germany.

Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Virgill, logo #26 by H2O compiled by Dalezy

01. Turrican by Ramiro Vaca and Chris Huelsbeck
02. Dytec intro by Vince
03. Funny power by Mcmp
04. Longing for techno by Pitty
05. Bla by Argon Factor
06. Acid jazz by Acen
07. Vagina extremus by Paso
08. Fatal! Mistake by Trauma
09. Trance God 3 prfctn by Dac
10. 12 dolls for a December moon by Dalezy
11. Hardcore lullaby by Mefis
12. Dopplerdefekt by Wayfinder
13. Telekinetiks by Kosmonaut
14. Artist of teh sun by Crome
Total playtime: 36:45min.


BitJam Episode #25

Episode #25 - Trance and uplifting tunes
OMG Tracne si teh beast!!!!!1one
Tish teim wii meaksead haeghly up!beat tuens 4 yer plaeazur. Ay caen haz phun widdieth! Thaenks four JaeyCeeOuch and B00biec 4 teh haepl!1

Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Buzzer, logo #25 by Alien^PDX compiled by Bobic and JCO

01. Listening by Benny
02. Virtua dance by Malmen
03. Ola Proeis by Soeta Vennar
04. Beyond zer0 by DaFunk
05. Stacy Valentine by K-Line
06. When we rise by JCO
07. Suicide Barbie endtune by Elusive
08. The beach by Wayfinder
09. Scirocco by S-Wave
10. Windfall by Flipside
11. Imminent by Kaktusen
12. Cheddar remix by Man with no alias
Total playtime: 52:08min.


BitJam Episode #24

Episode #24 - Sexiest female singers
It's time for some sweet female vocal lovin' as we unleash an episode filled with songs which feature ... Female singers.

Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Virgill, logo #24 by KF

01. My number is 64 by PVCF
02. Follow me (Sunsample 3 mix) by DHS and Sunflower
03. Music by Virgill feat. Vicky
04. Rain slows the time by Bliss feat. Christina Post
05. Back to the start by Palindrome
06. Promised land (vocal) by Man with no alias feat. Caroline
07. Primary star by DaFunk
08. Bang bang, mystery man by Cairbre feat. Mary Jo
09. Ain't my way by Quasian feat. Susanna
10. Memorize your future by JCO feat. Faith
11. Candytron (FR-30 soundtrack) by KB feat. Susie
Total playtime: 46:04min.


BitJam Episode #23

Episode #23 - BitWerk Non-Stop
It starts with E and ends with lectro. 'Nuff said!

Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Virgill, logo #23 by KF

01. Electrolove (Final vocoder version) by Malmen
02. Earth by RiaN
03. Personal linedemo by Basehead
04. Triplex (Electronic mix) by Supersonic
05. The sewers (New electro mix) by Cytex
06. Electromantic by Alexel
07. C64 comic bakery (feat. Hanna Kappelin, Morpheus and Mahoney) by Mahoney and Marcel Donne and O2
08. Amegas Electro remake by Paul Blackford
09. Showdown and Lament for Alpha 60 by Touchboy
10. Spy vs Spy (ElectroRmx) by O-FiRE
11. Crazy Comets (Komet Non-Stop) by Makke
12. Elektro Lok (Allgemeine Frequenz) by Das Karl Werk Projekt
Total playtime: 46:46min.


BitJam Episode #22

Episode #22 - Original vs. Remix
This time we bring you a pack of siblings - sister remix and big brother original. Which one do you prefer, did the remix bring something good or is the original still the best? You decide..!

Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, logo #22 by KF

01. Acidjazzed evening by Tempest
02. Acidjazz C64 by GRG (preview)
03. Acid jazz (Grand Theft Audio) by Moog and Hazel
04. Musiklinjen by Tip and Firefox
05. Enigma C64 by Sean Connolly
06. Lightforce by Rob Hubbard
07. Lightforce (Motorhead mix ala Ollas) by Mahoney
08. Skyhigh by Bzyk
09. Let's Fly (Skyhigh) by BeeZerk
10. Hollywood Poker Pro (subtune 1) by Chris Huelsbeck
11. Hollywood Poker Pro 2007 by Dr. Future
Total playtime: 50:10min.


BitJam Episode #21

Episode #21 - VIENNA DEMOSCENE MEETING0001 - Navis^ASD - about the Pc demoscene - brought to you by [d]vision
As warming up for the Demoscene Event Vienna taking place in quartier 21 area for digital culture in Museusmquartier Vienna from 4th - 20th of July 2008, [d]vision is organising monthly demoscene-meetings in werkzeugH. Austrian demosceners, international demoscene guests and everyone interested and fascinated in demos is invited to participate. The vienna demoscene meeting is a relaxed get together with drinks, talks and of course demo-shows. Each meeting will see a different theme of demos, as an Atari demo-show, PC demos or C64 demos. International guests and enthusiast demosceners curate and host the shows. So pop by, have a drink and enjoy demos on the bigscreen.

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by aMUSIC, logo #21 by Zoom

00. The cork was fragile by aMUSIC used as jingle
- Navis presentation part 1 -
01. Amphetamine tears by aMUSIC and Leviathan
- Navis presentation part 2 -
02. Planet Risk by aMUSIC and Leviathan
- Navis presentation part 3 -
03. I am You by aMUSIC and Leviathan
- Navis presentation part 4 -
04. Animal attraction by aMUSIC
- Navis presentation part 5 -
05. We are not alone by aMUSIC
- Navis presentation part 6 -
06. Captive by aMUSIC
- Navis presentation part 7 -
07. Litography by aMUSIC
Total playtime: 50:03min.


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