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BitJam 221 - Out Now!

Important notes on how to w00t^H^H^H^Hvote for the First Awesome BitFellas Remix Compo

Voting is performed via the tiny little votebox on the bottom left of the page - simply vote 1 for tracks you could only listen with the sound turned down, and 5 for the ones you accidentally burned into your MP3 player after the first 48 hours of looping.

Remember, once again: 1 = bad, 5 = good. Got it? Great!
And You need to vote to be able to see results.

Please note that only registered BitFellas members will be able to vote, and you can only vote once - no double voting, no editing of votes, no retracting of votes. We assure you that you don't possess enough beer for that. Seriously.

We'd again hereby like to thank the Wonderful Custom Multivoter plugin mod to Bery / United Force, conqueror of worlds, pillager of solar systems and demolisher of alien races aplenty. We're not worthy!

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