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BitJam Music Competition #01 Remix

BitJam Music Competition #01

Remix Compo


Online voting is now CANCELLED for the BitJam Music Compo #01 Remix

"This hurts us more than it does you."

Today we decided to bring the first Bitjam Remix Compo voting process to an end, and unfortunately for everyone, it turned out to end on a dismal note, which is a really disturbing and sad situation for us organizers and contributors, but while it's something we probably could have avoided, it's certainly not something good faith would've caused us to expect:

There will be no winner. All votes are discarded and the compo is officially cancelled.

Why? Because we've been monitoring the votes and new accounts for the last week or so and the amount of fake accounts and ridiculouslybiased votes became just simply insulting. We have the IP-ranges, we have the email addresses starting with "bitfellasfakevote@...", hell, we even have users registered with the same surnames as the entrants - it's pretty damn obvious any way you slice it. It's just feels like a slap in the face after the work we did for setting the thing up, musicdisk included.

But seriously. Did you think we're that stupid? Or for that matter, did you think it helps? For God's sake, it was supposed to be a fun-compo with no material gain apart from maybe a little icon next to the song name on Bitjam and a week of fame on Pouet - was that REALLY worth your virtual penis sizes? Jeez, more than 15 people entered tunes, some of them are compo organizers who can even have access to the database directly and still they didn't bother messing with it - because it won't make the music itself any better.

We, the organizers, would like to apologize to everyone who really just set their tunes free in the hands of the voters and played the game fair, and everyone who really spent time judging the tracks and voting honestly: you've been robbed of the fun, obviously, and we can take some of that blame for not having a more sophisticated voting system - it's just that we really didn't expect this, of all things Bitfellas, to go this juvenile. Next time we'll be more alert for this... if there will be a next time.

We're really sorry, guys. We had no choice left.

- The Bitjam Remix Compo Organizing team


The following people have participated in the compo:

  • ne7 [submitted 1 entry]
  • Buzzer [submitted 1 entry]
  • Gargaj [submitted 1 entry]
  • willbe [submitted 1 entry]
  • C-jeff [submitted 1 entry]
  • lug00ber [submitted 1 entry]
  • Greg3o3 [submitted 1 entry]
  • EviL [submitted 2 entries]
  • Bittin [submitted 1 entry]
  • James Tonic [submitted 1 entry]
  • Xlent [submitted 1 entry]
  • teo [submitted 1 entry]
  • Little Bitchard [submitted 1 entry]
  • xni [submitted 1 entry]
  • Wayfinder [submitted 1 entry]
  • DJ WELLs [submitted 1 entry]
  • Virgill [submitted 3 entries]
  • lzd [submitted 1 entry]
  • tEiS [submitted 1 entry]

Hey Sceners! We’ve decided to extend the deadline for the BitJam remix compo #1 for another month – meaning deadline now is the 31st of July! This is to enable more people to enter the compo and buy some of the artists time to refine their mixes.

General Info:

The BitFellas are pleased to announce our first ever (BitFellas / BitJam) Music Competition – this is the first (and hopefully will not be the last) time that we are going to do this on BitFellas. We have many ideas for future competitions with different themes from streaming music to synth and tracked music, so come back for more after you participate in this one! – So now, it's time to get out your instruments and let's get ready to JAM!

The BitFellas community has a wealth of talent, and this is a chance for all you musicians out there to share with us and show us all what you can do. The compo will be open to everyone as well, BitFellas or not!

Please note that only registered BitFellas members will be able to vote. All the tracks on the compo system will allow you to place a ranked vote meaning that you will be able to give each track a score that reflects how much you like it,
using our Custom Voting plugin, courtesy of Bery / United Force, for which we shall eternally worship him.

All non-preselected tunes will be used in a downloadable music disk, this will function as our 'votedisk', meaning after the disk is released voting begins!

This will then be followed by the best tunes being used for a special edition of the BitJam podcast.

We also have the best prizes for you to win!! Such as:

1 - 5 BitJam requests each 2 hours!
2 - A Hugi filter for 1 month, only the best spam blocker!
3 - 10 Hallo! Was?

Winners will also be acknowledged in the BitJam database with special mention on their Song &
Artist page for instance: some sort of icon displaying the fact that you’re a winner!

General Competition Rules:

  • The competition is open from 1st May 2008 to the 31st July 2008.
  • All entries must be submitted before the deadline.
  • Use of copyrighted samples and material is not allowed and your trac will be disqualified if we find this, sorry we have to be careful in regards to copyright law – to be honest its more fun if you make everything yourself from scratch anyway eh?
  • Voting will open shortly after the deadline has been reached and will continue until 31st August 2008
  • Max song length in minutes is 5:00 - anything else will be chopped mercilessly!
  • Format: mp3/ogg (192kbit)
  • Please don't forget to name the file correctly! (author - title .mp3/ogg)
Remix Compo Rules:

We have selected 3 great tracks that we feel have great remix possibilities, you may choose only ONE sample set to make your remix with and can only submit ONE tune, so choose wisely!We've decided to open up multiple entries to the remix compo - mostly because its a damned good idea, the only condition is you have to remix a different tune to one you submitted already AND you dont mix a song more than once... Meaning you can enter 3 mixes in total (one for each tune/pack) - enjoy and get jamming!

Your choices are:

  • Firefox & Tip - Hyperbased
    The original tune is a bit of an Amiga classic, coming from the wonderful demo entitled Enigma by Phenomena. This is one of the most instantly recognizable Amiga tracks by Firefox and Tip - its something to do with those chord samples!

    We were recently contacted by Jimmy "Firefox" Fredriksson of Phenomena who was kind enough to point out something we didn't know, which is that: "The track musiklinjen is not the real name of the Firefox & Tip track. The name is 'Hyperbased'.
    We would like to appologize for the mistake and thank Jimmy for contacting us with this correction.

    Download the demo from Pouet or from BitWorld

  • Little Bitchard - Diskosimulaatio
    Little Bitchard has provided us with a big pack of sounds gleaned from his tune from the hilarious Simulaatio2 invitation.
    Download the demo from Pouet

  • Reed - Meet The Family
    The original tune is from the wonderful 64k intro from Fairlight released at BP 2006 - its hilarious thinking how many megabytes these samples take up raw (even if you had just the hits its bloody impressive) The intro itself was coded by Smash and made use of his funky 64k softsynth...
    Download the demo from Pouet

Your entry can use some or all of the original samples, using your own instruments is highly encouraged to make your remix more unique. Please try and actually "remix" the track into something new and don't just re-arrange the song. Of course your welcome to just make your own cover of the track in question without using any of the samples should you desire to do so...

Shortly after the deadline has been reached, we will make all the tracks available for voting, we will announce this on the site when ready.

We reserve the right to pre-select songs that show no effort towards remixing any of the tunes, and also any 'joke' remixes that were not made with sincere intention to compete in the competition.

Please familiarize yourselves with the General Competition Rules as well at the top of this rules sheet – as we really don’t want to pre-select or disqualify anyone from this compo , thank you.


We would like to send a massive thankyou to the musicians who have allowed us to use their great tracks in this competition and kindly provided for us the samples and sequences needed to make this first compo happen, so thankyou to Little Bitchard for "Diskosimulaatio", and Reed for "Meet The Family", and of course to Firefox and Tip for the classic module from the Enigma demo by Phenomena entitled "Hyperbased".

If you would like to contact us about anything, you can PM any of the staff on the BitFellas website if you are a registered member, otherwise you can send a mail

The competition itself is being run by; ne7, Vincenzo, KEiTO and ALiEN. All graphics related to this competition have been kindly and skillfuly made by H2o and KF.

Download Bitjam Solaris musicdisk

Prepare to be invaded!

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