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BitJam Music Competition #02 Remix

BitJam Music Competition #02

Remix Compo


Compo is over!


After an excellent compo, we would like to thank YOU, the remixers, for your fantastic effort and amazing work; you really helped to make it a high quality competition with some really interesting and varied entries!

We would also like to say a big thank you to the Main Party organizers for their tireless work and for making the live competition possible!

As we received more than 20 entries, we had to pre-select some of them out of the compo because we had limited playing time at the party. We are sorry for that, but it was necessary due to tight deadlines. All the entries (including pre-selected ones) are available for download at the link mentioned below.

Results of the competition are as follows:
01. Wicked Cabaret Versus Mr Be Remix - kohai
02. Yeah! (Moby_meets_Willbe) - Slyspy
03. Moby - Elekfunk Remix - Morusque

04. Wicked cabaret posse Solyon remix - Solyon
05. Wicked Dancing Robot - uuav
06. Wicked Cabaret Posse Remix - Jonas the Plugexpert
07. Wicked Cabaret Posse remix - trybass
08. ElekFunk Remixed as SciFi Disco Edition - Magnar Harestad
09. Dear Rob (old times remix) - ne7
10. Dear Rob remix - Earnie
11. Ephonk - 505

Download all entries HERE

Due to the success of this remix competition, aided mostly by your continuing support and excellent contributions, we look forward to seeing and hearing from you all for our next compo, so stay tuned, keep composing and thanks again!


General Info:
BitFellas are back; this time in cooperation with our friends at Main Party we are happy to announce the Second BitJam Remix competition!
There are 3 super tracks for you to chose from and remix the hell out of!
In keeping with the Main Party theme we would like you to put a “Science Fiction” spin on them, although this isn't compulsory, but if you feel like you've been abducted by aliens then we would love to hear what you can do with your out of this world remix...

The competition is open to any participants, but the actual -voting- will take place LIVE at the Main Party in a fair and exciting way!

This will then be followed by the best tunes being used for a special edition of the BitJam podcast.

Quick Compo details:
  • Prizegiving and voting LIVE at MAiN#4 - 2nd to 4th October 2009
  • The voting will be held at the main MAiN#4 demoparty, so we can ensure a fair and secure voting process!
  • Prizes will be given during "Prize giving Ceremony" on Sunday. Any monetary prizes will be sent also remotely via PAYPAL.
  • Winners will also be acknowledged in the BitJam database with special mention on their Song & Artist page for instance: some sort of icon displaying the fact that you’re a winner!

General Competition Rules:

  • The competition is open from the 19th July 2009 to the 02nd Oct 2009!
  • All entries must be submitted before the deadline.
  • Use of copyrighted samples and material is not allowed and your track will be disqualified if we find this, sorry we have to be careful in regards to copyright law - to be honest its more fun if you make everything yourself from scratch anyway eh?
  • We reserve the right to pre-select songs that show no effort towards remixing any of the tunes, and also any crap 'joke' remixes that were not made with sincere intention to compete in the competition.
  • Max song length in minutes is 5:00 - anything else will be chopped mercilessly!
  • Format: mp3/ogg (192kbit minimum)
  • Please don't forget to name the file correctly! (author - title .mp3/ogg)
  • We've decided to open up multiple entries to the remix compo - mostly because its a damned good idea, the only condition is you have to remix a different tune to one you submitted already AND you dont mix a song more than once... Meaning you can enter 3 mixes in total (one for each tune/pack) - enjoy and get jamming!
  • Voting will take place at the Main party place, shortly after voting has been completed all tracks will be released for download on BitFellas

Your track choices for remixing fun are:

  • Willbe - Wicked Cabaret Posse
    Soundtrack of Sandbox Punks, released by Cocoon and won the democompo at Main party #2 in 2007.
    Download the demo from Pouet
    Download Gargaj's remix of Willbe's track as an example
    Download samplepack + Reason file

  • Fred - Dear Rob
    Soundtrack of many intros, demos, and cracktros.
    Check some titles which contains Fred's tune at Bitworld
    Download samplepack

  • Moby - Elekfunk
    Soundtrack of the famous Amiga demo Arte, released by Sanity in 1993, placed 3rd at The Party 1993.
    Download the demo from Pouet or from BitWorld
    Download Vincenzo's SID remix as example
    Download samplepack

Your entry can use some or all of the original samples, using your own instruments is advised/encouraged to make your remix more unique. Please try and actually "remix" the track into something new and don't just re-arrange the song. Of course your welcome to just make your own cover of the track in question without using any of the samples, should you desire to do so...

Please familiarize yourselves with the "Competition Rules" as well at the top of this rules sheet – as we really don’t want to pre-select or disqualify anyone from this compo , thank you.

We would like to send a massive thanks to the musicians who have allowed us to use their great tracks in this competition and kindly provided for us the samples and sequences needed to make this first compo happen, so thanks to Willbe for "Wicked cabaret posse", and Fred for "Dear Rob", and of course to Moby for the classic module from Sanity’s Arte! demo on the Amiga entitled "Elekfunk".

If you would like to contact us about anything, you can PM any of the staff on the BitFellas website if you are a registered member, otherwise you can send a mail.

The competition itself is being run by; ne7, EviL, Vincenzo, KEiTO and ALiEN. All graphics related to this competition have been kindly and skillfuly made by H2o (cheers bro!).

Download Bitjam Solaris musicdisk

Download Bitjam RMX 001 musicdisk

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