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BitJam 221 - Out Now!

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The BitJam BitFellas Main Mashup Compo

The BitJam BitFellas Main Mashup Compo or BBMMC for short!


The compo is over, thank you for the entries, thank you for the organizers and thank you for Main Party to make this possible!

01. Starstruck Reality - Gloom
02. Demoscene Megamix 1989 - Slyspy
03. Hypergazer (Edit) - Gaspode
04. Variform Domination - EviL
05. Cabaret In A Box - Gaspode
06. Un-Kartell (Mup Edit) - .reEto /fr
07. Instant Dope Liberation - Gasman / Hooy-Program

Download all entries HERE


The annual BitFellas music competition will once again be held exclusively @ Main and this year we’ve decided to go with something a little fruity and a little different!

A remix is not enough now, we want your scene mashups people!

If you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years; a mashup is basically two or more tracks combined, bended, blended and chopped into a new fresh music track that may or may not bear a resemblance to the original source material.

So how does this compo work?

It's very simple: You take any 2 (or more!) demoscene music tracks and bend em, mash them and mix them together to make a new track and enter it. The more impressive your mashed up track - the more votes you'll win so get mashing people!


1) You must list all your sample sources and song sources! Failure to do so will result in disqualification
2) You must only use demoscene audio material (NO ©ommercial WORK)
3) Song length is limited to 4mins
4) We reserve the right to preselect / disqualify tracks for breaking the rules
5) Winner is the best track as voted for by the party goers @ MAIN 2010!

Prodigy Vs Enya / Smack my Orinoco Up
Dangermouse vs The Beatles vs Jay Z - The Grey Album - 99 problems
Tori Amos vs Bjork vs PJ Harvey vs Massive Attack

More examples, big thanks to Scene.hu ppl!
Madonna vs Depeche Mode - Just can't get enough Music
Kylie Minogue vs Prodigy - Slow My Bitch Up
Depeche Mode vs Prodigy
Prodigy Vs Enya - Smack My Bitch Up
Britney Spears vs Linkin Park - Toxic Faint

Even more examples, this time from Demoscene:
Willbe vs Dane vs Gloom - Stargazer of Disgrace (taken from Demovibes 9)
KB - Five themes and no masterplan

Deadline is 30. September 2010! 02. October 2010 (Saturday) 12:00CET!

Have fun!


If you would like to contact us about anything, you can PM any of the staff on the BitFellas website if you are a registered member, otherwise you can send a mail.

The competition itself is being run by; ne7, Vincenzo, KEiTO and ALiEN. All graphics related to this competition have been kindly and skillfuly made by H2o (cheers bro!).

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