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A tribute to a wonderful chap - Giles "Meaty/MeteoriK" Constant

The news that MeteoriK sadly passed away earlier this week has reached most of the demoscene now, but we wanted to post our own little tribute to him here on BitFellas.

Whether it was writing ace music in less space than most people manage to fit an email or coding extremely powerful soft-synthesizers, supporting various different demo parties in a multitude of ways or just making us grin - Giles was always there being creative and frankly making our days a little bit brighter. After all of that he still found time to put together entertaining quizzes, present shows on Assembly TV and meet up for the odd curry or go up the pub...

I loved him to bits, feel privileged to have had him as a friend and he will be sorely missed by all that knew him. I can just about type this now after having spent the last 3 days crying like a baby

I and everyone here at BitFellas would like to extend our condolences to MeteoriK/Approximate’s friends and family and point all of you to the condolences thread on Pouet.net and the tribute page on the Assembly website

- Ne7

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