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by JC
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Who are the BitFellas?

We're a bunch of folks who enjoy technology because it's fun, entertaining, and allows us to create all sorts of neat things. Sometimes those things have uses. Sometimes they don't.

We're the folks who saw magic in the machines. We each have our favorites, and that says something about who we are - but we also have come to appreciate other's favorites too. We don't care what the platform is, as long as someone's enjoying using it.

We're the folks who kept the first machine we got, and still use it. We're the guys who get offered an old computer in someone's loft, and are genuinely excited about the possibilities that still exist in that "old, useless" stuff.

We're the folks who look at the new technology and say "hey, cool, can it do this?" and when it says no, we teach it how.

We're folks who like making noise. Sometimes we make noise with colors. We like sharing noise. We make friends by sharing noise. We make friends by turning off the noise and showing off the silence.

Who are the Bitfellas? We're the toys that you forgot under the bed, who keep the monsters away.

Welcome to BitFellas!
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