Zine #5 - 59 - Pulsar Interview (1/2)

Chester, Sat 10 Oct 2009

Pulsar Interview (1/2)
by Chester of Brainstorm

Numitor of PULSAR was interviewed by Chester of BRAINSTORM.

1. First of all, introduce your-self.
Hi all guys of Brainstorm, why I buy this Amiga computer?, I think this computer is very well, it is difficult to find cool guys,all guys in PULSAR are cool.

2. Write down the members of Pulsar with their functions.

THE TITAN (coder)
CONAN (coder)
PLATOON (coder - GFX)
TECHNOS (coder)
ARION (pack - swapper)
JR (musician)
2705 (coder/austria)
TRANSFER (swapper/rfa)
And me NUMITOR (organizer, graphix, swapper, small coder)

3. Tell us the story about Pulsar.
Pulsar was born in august 1989 and many member of poltergeist join PULSAR, and in end of year 1989, NUMITOR have been caught by police for trafic air mail, yes I never buy stamps, In april TMB left pulsar for scoopex also some pulsar member germany join a new group or anythink. Now pulsar is more important bcoz new member join pulsar.

4. You have had problems with the German section?
I don't know if german section exist yet. But I give you more information next time.

5. What do you prefer, swapping by mail or modem?
About trading: I prefer modem trading is cool, but I haven't one, because it is expensive in france and for this moment I swap by Air Mail.

6. List your favorites personalities from the scene.

7. What are you releasing? Cracks, trainers, demos,... ?
PULSAR make demo or utility and coming soon Trainer, but Pulsar stop all activity in cracking coz police (A.P.P).

8. What's about the French scene, does it grows up or down? Give us the French charts, too.
The french scene is poor, It exist only 5 crews in france. PARADOX - PARANOMIA - QUARTEX (for me is not best, bcoz cracking only, no demo, I never see Quartex demo) - IMPACT INC (great demo and music by moby of course) - UNC (hi gigicar, I like your utility is wonderfull) Other crews: Subsoftware (hi hubert) - Iris - Demon

9. What's your opininon in cracks and trainers?
I like trainer fo Shoot'em up or hard arcade, no anything.

10.What are the future plans of Pulsar?
PULSAR makes game in futur for UBI Soft and maybe I stop illegal activity like hackerlight software (hi H.SYL). Also I make Hardware protection for game.

11.Your group has got some sections in different countries. Do you know all members?
Yes, I know all pulsar member by air mail.

12.Do you like the scene at the moment compared with the old times?
Yes I like scene in 1990, but in 1988 it is more important, like wolf of wonder or CBC or RCAP or wizard or random access or maniac of voice and other friend caught by police.

13.Do you like Swiss Milk-Choco late?
HUM, I like Swiss Milk-chocolate and Swiss watch too, I hate black-chocolate and couscous too.

14.Do you like ZINE compared with other magazines?
I like Zine, yes is cool Magazine and also cracker journal.

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