Zine #5 - 64 - Adept Interview (1/2)

Truxton, Sat 10 Oct 2009

Adept Interview (1/2)
by Truxton of Brainstorm

Why and with whom was this new Group formed?
- TOP SWAP and PUBLIC ENEMIES got nice friends at a very bad party, and suddenly someone came up with the idea to form a new group. Since I was the organizer of ex Top Swap I didn't wanted to form a new group. But the rest of ex Top Swap talked me in to it, and that's how ADEPT was born.

How many members do you have now, and how old are they?
- We are 22 members (all in Sweden) and the age vary between 16 to 20.

Are you looking for more members?
- No, we are already too many. But we can ofcourse make an exception if a very good coder, musician etc. wants to join us.

Who came up the name ADEPT?
- I (SENSEI) did.

What are your plans for this year?
- We will keep on training games and start to work on some demos. We have no other projects on our minds at the moments.

What do you now about the Amiga-Scene in Switzerland?
- Gee!, that was a tricky one. Well, I don't know so much, except that Alcatraz, BRS, Piranhas and Setrox (I think) are from Switzerland. And if I'm not wrong the police shows no interest in computer-piracy in Switzerland either.

What do you think about the Crusaders Euro-Charts?
- I like them, they are very interesting to read.

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