206 - OSDM v2.20.160 (.de)

Bobic, Fri 30 Apr 2010

OSDM v2.20.160

Mit der neuesten Version des Oldskool Demomakers (OSDM) wurde ein absolutes Schwergewicht veröffentlicht. Autor Peace spendierte seinem Demo-Baukasten in der neuesten Version v2.20.160 eine Fülle an Neuerungen, wie man der untenstehenden Übersicht entnehmen kann. Demobastler bekommen so ein mächtiges Spielzeug in die Hand. Im Laufe der Zeit wurde so aus dem ursprünglichen Simpel-Cracktro-Maker ein mächtiges Stück Software, mit dessen Hilfe sich auch komplexere Demos zusammensetzen lassen. Vorausgesetzt natürlich, dass man ein wenig Kreativität mitbringt. Wobei der Oldskool-Spirit natürlich nie verloren ging.
Die neueste Version des OSDM kann entweder über das offizielle OSDM-Forum heruntergeladen werden, wobei eine Registrierung erforderlich ist. Oder aber ihr schaut für einen direkten Download einfach an dieser Stelle vorbei.

Änderungen für die OSDM-Version v2.20.160:

- New: Muchmore supported Music/Tracker-Module formats ( >250 )
- New: Replay in autoloop of MOD, S3M and IT Modules
- New: Timebased replay detect playtime
- New: OMA musicformat expanded to 12 songs (must recreate old ones)
- New: Exports start replay by given number of subsong (SID, TFX, OMA...)
- New: Playtime detection of SC68 and FastTracker2 (XM) Modules
- Improved: Complete recoded support of soundlibs and emulators (puh)
- Improved: Replay of MED SoundStudio / OcatMED MMD0 - MMD4 Modules
- Improved: Replay of SC68 converted Amiga Modules
- Improved: Replay of DigiBooster Pro Modules
- Improved: Much smaller SID replayer (Thanks to StatMat)
- Improved: Swap sounds by key now much smoother
- Change: Intern OMA musicformat got new header (easy soundlib detection)
- Fix: Stabile replay of YM-2149 ST-Modules

- New: Unpack Amiga AMOSPro PowerPacker Bank
- New: Unpack Amiga FileImploder
- New: Pack/Unpack files in JCalG1 dataformat (now selectable)
- Improved: Complete recoded support of packed files

- New: Help (german only) button on main
- New: Complete rewritten german helpfile
- New: Compiling process can be aborted if a buffer overflow error occurrs
- New: Web-access to homepage and Rebell's deltaforceteam forum (s. About)
- New: Direct 3D image preview of texture in GUI
- New: Create fontmask in size 8/16/32 (s. Utils->File Tools)
- New: Image preview copied image to clipboard if selected
- New: GUI font now set to Terminal
- New: Trainer, with support for user DLL's and also as MusicDisk
- New: Key [ESC] aborts also preview of all mediafiles
- Improved: Complete recoded GFX-Engine, Remark: hotspot is now center of image
- Improved: Compiling process of an export
- Change: Preview of 3D Objects depents by selected screensize
- Change: Header of GUI (think looks quite a bit better)
- Change: Sprite show IDN for easy check if script is used
- Change: Run After Exit (Program) now not longer supported by Compact Export
- Change: Only Fullscreen in Compact Export (window.lib removed for smaller size, faster loop)
- Change: Converted IFF images copied to clipboard only (s. Utils->File Tools)
- Change: Pause by key [P] in Debug Mode now unpaused by any key
- Change: Z-Position of 3D Objects now upto 1600 distance points
- Change: Error message now in classic Amiga Guru Meditation style
- Fix: Old GUI problem to change parameters manually (numpad)
- Fix: Correct coloring of syntax in scripteditor
- Fix: Use of global float variables in export
- Fix: Image / Sprite Flip use full -Bottom to Top- rectangle
- Fix: Convert MOD/S3M to XM (FastTracker2)
- Fix: Some stupid memory leaks in GUI and export
- Fix: Detection of sreensize used by examples
- Fix: Overall less use of systemresources
- Fix: Main sources assembled with FASM v1.69.14b
- Removed: Keymap, use Trainer instead (more complex)
- Removed: Exit button on mainmenu (use simply close window instead)

Scroll Text:
- New: Resize to unproportional width and height dimensions
- New: Set charspace between letters
- Change: Vertical position now center of textheight

Amiga Text:
- New: 7 + 1 (Random) Page Out FX's (at moment)
- New: Free set of Letter Out FX, support as in Page In
- Improved: All text use 60 sprites only instead upto 81920 ones (blame on me)
- Improved: Number of chars per site now upto 40x32 letters
- Removed: Shaddow FX coz slow down (use FileToolz->Create Shaddow instead)

Script Engine:
- New: ESC exit intro immediatly
- New: MVV, ADV to set volume of playing module (0-100)
- New: FLH, FLV to flip sprites, bouncer
- New: MRX, MRY, MRZ, ARX, ARY, ARZ to set permanent rotation of 3D Objects
- New: MAX, MAY, MAZ, AAX, AAY, AAZ to set angles of 3D Objects / Sinus Text
- New: MVX/Y/Z/A and ADX/Y/Z/A supports also Zini Text
- New: BFX to set 3D DirectX Alpha-Blending mode (1 & 2 & 4=On / 0=Off)
- New: IFA to check Alpha-Transparency
- New: IDL swaps layers position of effect order
- New: CLS flashes screen by given time in RGB
- New: RGB set color for CLS ($0-$FFF / $F00=Red, $0F0=Green, $00F=Blue, $FFF=White)
- New: CPI create a clonecopy of current IDN
- New: CPH set vertical distance cloned objects
- New: MVW, MVH, ADW, ADH resize width and height in unproprtional dimensions
- New: Support of Hexadecimal numbers: $0-$FFFF
- New: Macro support @MacroName....@END, call also with params /0 to /9
- New: IDN set page of Amigatext
- New: MVC supports 3D Direct Object
- Fix: STP, CAL works for ZiniText (even in blendmode)
- Fix: MVZ don't need to adapt X/Y positions any more
- Fix: MVS, IDN, ADI for AnimSpeed and Frameset of Logo, also negative values allowed
- Fix: MVA, ADA set Alpha of Logo and protected against under- / overflow range (<0 or >255)
- Fix: CPX, CPY draw 3DVECTOR / 3DBALL a second time at last
- Change: ADC set speed of Amigatext CopperFX, also negative values supported
- Change: MVS set wait of page for Amigatext to 1/4, should be a better adjust
- Improved: IDN replays also subsongs of sid/tfmx soundfiles
- Improved: IDN, ADI supports Amigatext in loop
- Improved: Optimized intern compiled script handling
- Improved: Error checking of syntax
- Improved: Faster calculations with the use of float multipliers instead of divisors

- New: Default selection of X/Y center positions
- Fix: Correct aspect ratio if rotation
- Fix: Full display also when FX is activated
- Fix: Correct display when odd size-dimensions
- Fix: Incorrect fade in/out of some effects
- Removed: Cylinder Shade FX (coz looked awfully)

- New: Move permanent left & right
- New: Loop permanent left & right

3D Vector Object:
- New: Set of X/Y/Z Angles in preview mode
- New: Blend Mode in preview
- Fix: Correct set of vertical position

3D Direct Object:
- New: Hole Object Mode
- Change: Shaddow Intensity now in 0.2 step depth

Recommended examples:
- OSDM_Raumschiff.ini
- OSDM_Gods.ini
- OSDM_CraSinus.ini
- OSDM_Nightwish.ini
- OSDM_Korona.ini
- OSDM_Legend.ini
- OSDM_Remember.ini
- OSDM_Parallax.ini
- OSDM_Meskalin.ini (trainer example)
- OSDM_ColorA.ini

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