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bullet pohar on Tue 14 Feb 2017
Happy Valentines day, bigboss
bullet ALiEN^bf on Sun 22 Jan 2017
Happy Birthday Pohar!
bullet pohar on Fri 06 Jan 2017
happy 2017!
bullet vincenzo on Thu 15 Dec 2016
Welcome back EviL! Stay a while, stay forever *evil laugh*
bullet EviL on Sat 12 Nov 2016
hi guys, I am back from hell
bullet Salinga on Fri 26 Aug 2016
The remastered compo tracks from my mixes now as single uploads on YT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3656E9B6C6650EF5
bullet melcom on Thu 25 Aug 2016
meow ... \(^_^)/
bullet pohar on Tue 28 Jun 2016
From now on Chuck Norris is the only strongest man on Earth!
bullet prowler on Fri 17 Jun 2016
Amiga rules!
bullet chromag on Mon 04 Apr 2016
bullet darwin on Sat 26 Mar 2016
Demoscene universe!
bullet pohar on Mon 07 Mar 2016
bullet CONS on Thu 10 Sep 2015
Riverwash 2015 compo gfx now available at ArtCity
bullet Serpent on Sat 15 Aug 2015
bullet Jazzcat on Sun 31 May 2015
Flashback 2015 - Remote entries - June 7th 02:00am is the deadline!!! All platforms - http://defame.com.au/flashback ---> -email- - live stream!
bullet ALiEN^bf on Sun 24 May 2015
Sup BitFellania?
bullet Lee CuLpRiT on Sat 04 Apr 2015
jesper kyd interview.. sorry, not sure of the date. might be old http://www.elektronauts.com/talk/view/72?utm_content=buffer9c9d1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=f
bullet pohar on Mon 30 Mar 2015
"there is only one rule of metal: play it f%=*ng loud!"
bullet CONS on Sun 01 Mar 2015
you got a weird sense of "serving"
bullet pohar on Mon 23 Feb 2015
I am willing to serve BitFellania by sitting here until midnight to listen to this EPIC(!!!) selection of demomusic by BigBoss
bullet ALiEN^bf on Mon 23 Feb 2015
BitJam - Our long hard queue will give you eargasm!
bullet pohar on Mon 23 Feb 2015
2 guys 1 queue
bullet ALiEN^bf on Mon 23 Feb 2015
Followed by 10 more!
bullet pohar on Mon 23 Feb 2015
10 kickass tracks are queud in the radio. Join now!
bullet CONS on Tue 03 Feb 2015
Payback 2015 graphics are added to ArtCity. Make sure to pay them a visit
bullet CONS on Mon 02 Feb 2015
ArtCity breached the 30k graphics border today. Hooray for boobies!
bullet ALiEN^bf on Sun 28 Dec 2014
Sofascener Under Construction Edition: http://salinga.everywebhost.com/sofascener/
bullet magicnah on Sat 27 Dec 2014
bullet Bobic on Wed 24 Dec 2014
Welcome here, MiLO83! Hope you'll enjoy the scene again and will flood various partys with music and demo releases!
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