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by JC
BitJam 221 - Out Now!

BitJam Music Competitions

Back in 2008 we were proud to put together our first BitJam / BitFellas music compo - compo entrants were able to pick from the following great tunes to remix:
  • Firefox & Tip - Musiklinjen
  • Little Bitchard - Diskosimulaatio
  • Reed - Meet The Family
The compo entries were fantastic and the actual running of the compo went really well, however we did have a couple of issues with the vote system; which was a bit of a shame - but as you can see with compo 2 - we've found a -fun- way round that!

Special thanks have to fly out to Firefox, Tip, Little Bitchard and Reed for providing us with the sample packs and support thru this compo and also to all the great entrants for giving us so many nice tunes to listen to!

Download BitJam RMX 001 musicdisk.


In 2009 at Main Party, BitFellas helped finalise our second Remix competition with what was probably one of the first online organized compo’s with localized voting at a demo party, we can say that happily it was a resounding success!

Entrants were given the chance to remix classic tracks by Moby, Willbe an Fred (big thanks to Moby, Willbe and Fred guys!!!) and again the quality was fantastic!
Here we present all the entrants of the compo for the first time together on one music disk for you to enjoy and listen to.
Congratulations to the winners and hugs to everyone else who entered for making this compo so great, special mega greets fly out to the TUM Party which is 10 years young today!
We love you guys; may you continue to party for another 100! See you in the next compo!

Download BitJam Remix Compo 2 musicdisk.


2010 - The year of the Mashup!

This time we forced our highly respected musicians to make demoscene-mashups. The rules were simply, mix 2 or 3 music together to create a new and fresh tune. You may think that mixing tunes together is easy but have you ever tried to do it yourself?
Compo entries rocked the Main Party place, our listeners are satisfied. Thank you for everyone who helped us, thank you for Main Party organizers, thank you for all of the great entries!
Click on the banner and see the results on the compo page!


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