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Song Info

Welcome to 4Sceners
GermanyFabian Del Priore
Length: 05:24, Page Loaded: 572 times
Format: NA    Platform: NA
Last Played: 01.12.22 22:26:44
Last User Request: gand
Total Plays: 146 (added: 05.10.10)
Appears in Favourites: 1 times

Rating: 7.2 (4 Votes)

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Votes for this track:
8: Bobic 05.10.10 8: ALiEN^bf 13.10.10 7: Mice 09.03.11 6: gand 18.08.18

Comments for this track:
bullet Bobic | Comments: 1865 | 2010.10.05
When Raist worked on our "advertising" demo, he was in need for a good track. I asked a friend of mine, Thomas Böcker (who is the organizer behind the Merregnon CDs and the symphonic concerts like "Symphonic Shades" or "Symphonic Legends") if he could bring us in touch with a good musician. He came up with Fabian Del Priore, a well known game music composer, who used to work together with Chris Hülsbeck on the soundtrack for the game Extreme Assault, amongst others (e.g. Giana Sisters DS).

Fabian was quite happy about the idea to compose a real demo soundtrack and he did a great job mixing typical electronic sounds in demo style with orchestral parts. Thanks to him (and Raist, of course) a dream came true for me. The Welcome to demo was its result.

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