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Song Info

Length: 02:26, Page Loaded: 1195 times
Format: MOD    Platform: Amiga
Last Played: 05.12.23 23:25:51
Last User Request: gand
Total Plays: 183 (added: 25.10.06)
Appears in Favourites: 5 times

Rating: 7.1 (10 Votes)

Anarchy - Brunos Music Box 3

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Votes for this track:
7: SaphirJD 07.04.07 6: Myx 29.04.07 7: ALiEN^bf 29.04.07 6: madstop 11.12.07 7: Bobic 19.02.08
8: 505 28.11.08 8: SoDa7 28.04.09 8: Serpent 16.12.09 7: Mice 11.01.10 7: gand 30.08.18

Comments for this track:
bullet 505 | Guest | 2008.11.28
The drums, arrangement and everything is so amazing. Still I remember having heard this song having another title?

bullet ALiEN^bf | Comments: 1885 | 2009.12.15
Quote from BitWorld:
Review written by Bruno
and extracted from this musicdisk.

Uralvolga :
A true story of finnish tundra orchestra. told by a sick mind.

Bst :
An introduction to the world of organs and brass sections:my second love.

Oppenheimer :
A bad trip inside minimoog. the inspiration came in a way from chevy chase.

Moderato.probably :
Tune filled with emotion. This piece is made for real life. which means:
i like Eric Satie. Flute is not so strange to me fortunately. as you know robert.

Sol :
Imagine yourself on an island. Probably no one has been there before.
Then you suddenly hear some high sounds. they mysteriously takes your
brains with them. This is:doctor x. No one else.

Emotional disturbation :
A typical finnish macho music. With two macho men singing. guess who they are.
Inspired by:jarno jarno machojarno love boat frederick armi und danny.
This is the only serious tune we have made in our lifes. Choir: Funk boys.

On the road :
A very old tune. in fact older than mbox two !!! made by watchman of complex
Maniac plus me. long live helkama.

Jarno is called :
Probably the most usual type of call ment for stranger.
I would not be this perverted would i? i i think strangie has been too long
without any jokes by me so heres a one. at least one good reason to spread this box.

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