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Deadline 2021: First announcements

[ Demoparty.net News ] Deadline 2021: First announcements

OK, here’s the deal: We start organizing, you start working on your your release. OK? Yes!
Some announcements, while we’re still working on the website to be updated:

  • Compos: Same compos as in 2019, check the old website. The three-dee compo (anaglyph glasses) will return and also the retro-gaming-championship.
  • The theme for the themed photo compo will be: United
  • Did you work on something amazing within the last two years that you want to present as a seminar or workshop to a bigger audience? We have free seminar slots available! Contact us at contact(at)demoparty.berlin
  • Same goes for shader showdown, we need coders who are up for the challenge, if you want to make it happen!
  • We will only allow vaccinated people to participate in person. No discussions, with delta variant on the rise, we don’t want to take any other risks.
  • This year we’re also not able to provide a sleeping area, but you can camp on the big outside meadows if you want (or book a hotel, or crash at a Berlin scener’s place

That’s all for now - we can’t wait to welcome you again in Berlin! \0/

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