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BitJam Podcast 01-10.5

Hardread and BitFellas present BitJam Podcast!


BitJam Episode #10.5

The deadline for Antique Toy has been extended till November 15th. So everybody who hasn't finished their works for the compo still have a chance. Here are the rules. All questions and suggestions are accepted by mail: -email-
This podcast features tunes from antique antique toy compos.

Mixed by Vincenzo and C-Jeff, jingle by pOWL, logo by Zoom, Antique Toy logo by Asphyx and girl (Picture: Finality) by Deadie.

01. Stuff Like That by Yerzmyey
02. Das problem by Key-Jee
03. Antique Toy prezent by C-jeff and n1k-o
04. Dark Fusion (Ben Daglish) by Fatal Snipe
05. Thy dreams, thy dreadful visions by Miguel
06. Heroquesters by n1k-o
07. Der flaum by Key-Jee
08. Trust no one by No.One.Ru
09. Picturesque by Yerzmyey
10. Progrooze by Andy Fer
11. Hocok 3k by Fatal Snipe
12. Follin' Through Space by Gasman
13. Headlights by Asi
14. Hbhbhbhbhbhbhbh by C-jeff and n1k-o
15. F**k off by Yerzmyey
Total playtime: 40:19min.


BitJam Episode #10

It's alive! Pumpkin man welcomes you to this spooky halloween special of BitJam podcast. Lock yourself inside, don't answer the door or the phone, and enjoy it with a bloody mary. Trick or treat?

Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by KF

01. Intro ghost (used as jingle) by Dezecrator
02. Fright night by Dreamer
03. Vampyra queen by Muffler
04. Scared of the dark by Delorean
05. Witches' sabbath by Axel
06. Graveyard by Fleshbrain
07. Spooky background by Heatbeat
08. Haamu by Serpent
09. A ghost dreaming by Slash
10. Halloween by Dalezy
11. Halloween '97 by Wyndex
12. Ghouls and ghosts Poltergeist mix by Binster
13. Ghouls and ghosts level 4 by Tim Forsyth
14. Ghouls rocksteady by Nada
15. Tales from the dungeon horror by Chemic
16. Castlevania Vampire kickass remix by Thanius
17. Cauldron II - I'm a pumpkin man by Trauma
18. My neighbour is a ghost by Wayfinder
19. Intro ghost (used as jingle) by Dezecrator
Total playtime: 48:47min.


BitJam Episode #09

In the 80's everything was better: Shoulderpads, excessive use of neon, plastic overdose, hairspray AND italo disco! Tune in to this weeks podcast to tickle your 80's memory glands, and enjoy our selection of italo-sounding tracks.
Plutonium by Myx was especially composed for our 9th podcast episode. Thank you Myx!

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by Skan

01. Plutonium by Myx
02. Microcosm by Firefox
03. Italiane spetziale by Dr. Awesome
04. Freefall by Fleshbrain
05. Discomix by Uncle Tom
06. Phenomenon choir by Myvoice
07. Back to 80's by Buzzer
08. I was born listenin 80s electro pop music by Ciccilleju
09. Disco fox by Emre Bulsat
10. Metropole by Case
11. IksAtGayDisco by Rebb
12. Disco da sommerparty by Virgill
13. 60siis - Girls, girls, girls by Channel5
Total playtime: 46:48min.


BitJam Episode #08

Bitjam Podcast #8. Remember the old days of gaming; who had the fastest triggerfinger? Who had the best skills to memorize enemy formations and locations? Who could beat the bosses? It was all very hard when you also had a kickass tune to tap your feet to. Now you can enjoy the tunes without any enemy interference in Bitjam Episode #8 - The Bitempire Strikes Back...
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by KEiTO, logo by Brainbox

01. Apydia intro (Amiga) by Chris Hülsbeck
02. Turrican 2 Main theme (C64) by Markus Siebold
03. Turrican 1 Subtune 5 (C64) by Ramiro Vaca and Chris Hülsbeck
04. R-type (C64) by Ramiro Vaca and Chris Hülsbeck
05. Battle squadron Title (Amiga) by Ron Klaren
06. Arydox Title (PC) by Vincenzo
07. Banshee Title (Amiga) by Martin 'Nuke' Iveson
08. Lethal Xcess (Amiga) by Jochen Hippel
09. Project X Theme rave (Amiga) by Allister Brimble
10. Theme from Jets'n'Guns (PC) by Machinae Supremacy
Total playtime: 32:04min.


BitJam Episode #07

Bitjam Podcast #7. This episode is a tribute to all demosceners who have passed away and only contains music from people who left us. When you listen to these songs, spare a thought for them, their families and friends. Rest in peace brethren.
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Vicky, logo by RayNoa

01. Revolution 1 by Groo
02. Flassjazz by Bug
03. Funky widdow by Maestro
04. Egg beat by Ramone
05. Barbarian by Richard Joseph
06. Predator by Russel Lieblich
07. Flowers by Kjell Nordboe
08. Railway express by Vega ex-Style
09. Limstift 2 by Coax
10. Sky dance by Matrix
11. Enigma intro tune by Edwin van Santen
12. Fm demosong by Tommy
Total playtime: 38:00min.


BitJam Episode #06

Bitjam Podcast #6. Presented in surround mono, where available!
Mixed by Vincenzo, intro sounds by Virgill, logo by Brainbox

01. Intro by Nula
02. Boogie factor by Reed
03. Synch by Dane
04. Camel funk by Metal
05. House zak by MSK
06. Kkane by Vip
07. Anal'ogue by Jeff
08. Desert dream C64 (part 3) by Fanta
09. Enjoy the silence C64 by Pri
10. Hollywood poker pro introtune by Chris Huelsbeck
11. Rubicon by Jeroen Tel and Reyn Ouwehand
12. Sweet by Johannes Bjerregaard
13. Intro (used as Outro) by Nula
Total playtime: 38:17min.


BitJam Episode #05

Bitjam Podcast #5. Remixing the ears with currywurst and soda.
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by KF and Can

01. Sigma seven by Rob Hubbard
02. Ping reply from outer space by GRG
03. Dominion by Alfredo Terpentin
04. Eternity by 4-mat
05. Plopalou by Radix
06. Mars' star lagoon by Darkhalo
07. Teonancatl by Crankshaft
08. Break the silence by Ronny
09. We slow down by Melwyn
10. Neon dreams by Neurokin
11. Insert coin soundtrack by Leopart and Zeebr
12. Binary flow soundtrack by Innocent and Vincenzo
Total playtime: 41:11min.


BitJam Episode #04

Elektronik. Supersonik. Fasten your beltseats and listen to the upbeat drums!
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by RayNoa

01. Follow the star by KB
02. As i fall by Gargaj
03. Antimaterie by Ultraflex
04. Platinum by Wayfinder
05. Heavy working robot by Paniq
06. Causeway by Dixan
07. Lia by Muffler
08. Neutral capsule by Anorganik
09. Future by DQ
10. Milyen szep halott leszek by Xenophobe
Total playtime: 44:56min.


BitJam Episode #03

In space, only Darth Vader can you hear boogie, young Padavan!
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by KF

01. Voyager by Allister Brimble
02. Time and space by Fanta
03. Gone laserdancing by Little Bitchard
04. Desert dawn by Lizardking
05. Space inside us by Megus
06. Electrica by Dj Joge
07. In space no one can hear you boogie by Reed
08. Space voyage 2 by Digital Pain
09. Incinerated by Vogue
10. Satellite one by Purple Motion and Siren
11. Kiberiada by Vincenzo
Total playtime: 39:07min.


BitJam Episode #02

We selected cute melodic tunes for your aural pleasure and enjoyment.
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by KEiTO, logo by KF

01. Blind mind by Quasian
02. Imitation by Maak
03. Last present by Pink
04. Candy girl by A-move and Velvet
05. Plastic nudity by Jisemdu and Caramel
06. Super dadoo by Mellow-d
07. Omnitron by KeyG
08. Oracle 2 by Siren
09. Escape from Atlantis by Traven
10. Groove sister by Al-najjir
11. Crazy, sexy, cool by Virgill
12. Kamikaze trip by Optic
13. Endscroll by Vincenzo
Total playtime: 40:02min.


BitJam Episode #01 - The Beginning
[download mp3] - [download cue sheet] - [watch on YouTube]

This episode contains a mix of the tunes found on BitJam Vol. 1.: Solaris, not all tunes are in the podcast due to the sheer size of the musicdisk.
Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by KEiTO, logo by Haz

01. War Of The Worlds by Snowrobot
02. Bitfellania by Genetic Gemini
03. 80's disco by Buzzer
04. Phantom pain by Fleshbrain
05. Kitey3 by Mel Funktion and Little Bitchard
06. Northern lights by Chromag
07. Deadspace by Ultra
08. Groovebrain by Runaro
09. Deja vu by Xerxes
10. A little bit of this by JCO
11. Blutzoll by KML and Virgill
Total playtime: 44:46min.


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