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BitJam 202 - Out Now!

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BitJam Podcast

Hardread and BitFellas present BitJam Podcast!

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BitJam Episode #202

Episode #202 – Insert Disk 2 Special - Instant Remedy (in collaboration with 010101 Music)

Swedish remixing legend Martin Noriander Instant Remedy is finally back with a brand-new album - "Insert Disk 2" celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Amiga brand with a fine selection of arranged game and demoscene tracks from the 16-bit era. Episode #202 features tracks from this new album, its predecessor, as well as original game music composed by Instant Remedy.

Says Martin: "When the internet was still young, me and a few classmates discovered the HVSC and SIDPLay. All of a sudden it was possible to listen to all those great tunes - without the hassle of setting up a real C64 to load the games! However, I wanted to add something to the SID music to make it sound fuller and suitable for listening on a stereo system. So I started adding some drums, bass and other stuff, just for fun. At first, I played these tracks for friends only. Remixing game music was not as common back then as it is today. They really liked what I had done, so I decided to submit MP3s to some sites... and so my remixes started to spread."

Mixed by Jegougou, logo by KF, thank you to Instant Remedy, Jan Zottmann and Bobic

Track List:
01. Woody’s Wor.d
02. Penguin Palooza 3
03. Flimbo’s quest
04. Battle Squadron
05. Bomb Mania
06. Lotus turbo challenge 2
07. RR2 ingame 2
08. Project-X
09. The Last Ninja
10. IK+
11. Magic Disk 64 (90’s euromix)
12. RR2 ingame 3
13. Pinball Dreams Nightmare
Total playing time: 51:05


BitJam Episode #201

Episode #201 - 2014 EDM Bits - Part 2.
It's time to look back to demoscene music releases of the year 2014. Enjoy the second part of selected EDM tracks!

Mixed and compiled by 64odore, logo by KF

Track List:
01. Xtrium - Rise of the Mecha
02. Hazel - The Lost Race - 1x1 - The First Evidence
03. Glxblt - What Else?
04. INVESTOR! - Snøsvis
05. Xtrium - The Rainbow Pukatron
06. INVESTOR! - Firefighter
07. Hoffman - Krunk'D
08. Xtrium - Into the Blue
09. Nuusika - No eihän tästä nyt tule mitään
10. Gemini - One
11. Achintya - Zeal
12. Surgeon - New Time
13. Xtrium - Light City
14. Shaman - Eternity
15. Dirotch - Transylvania Compo - Dirotch (Original Mix)
16. Miu - End of the Earth (TG14 edit)
17. Alien7 - The Masterplan
17. Xtrium - It's a Smash
18. Awesome A - Unforgettable Times
Total playing time: 59:08


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