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by JC
BitJam 221 - Out Now!

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BitJam Podcast 41-50

Hardread and BitFellas present BitJam Podcast!


BitJam Episode #50b

Episode #50 - Just the best
We celebrate our 50th episode with the best tracks from BitJam favourite lists.

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #50 by H2O and Brainbox

01. Virgill - Vite and Plack
02. Romeo Knight - Cream of the Earth
03. Laxity - Desert Dream
04. Vic - Liquid...wen?
05. Blaizer - Starstruck
06. Little Bitchard - Choose Zero Polys and Shaders
07. Crankshaft - Ocean Machine
08. Virgill and CONS - Like a Childbirth
09. Jester - Stardust Memories
10. Firefox and Tip - Hyperbased (Musiklinjen)
Total playtime: 49:46min.


BitJam Episode #49b

Episode #49b - Christmas 2008 Special episode
In true Christmas spirit BitJam have a gift for you that you can open straight away! Enjoy our selection of exclusive tracks and celebrate by turning your stereo up to hear this wide selection of fun unreleased material.
We send out greetings and thanks to all competitors in this episode. Guys, you rock! Merry Xmas!

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #49b by H2O, episode idea by KEiTO

01. The Forgotten Polish Composer - Dingle jingle
02. Alk^Titan - Absolute
03. Unt - Tables
04. Serpent - Xmas in '87 (Song for Zeg)
05. Buzzer - Christmas Eve
06. Myx - Christmas night
07. KEiTO - Hernando's Hideaway (Lesson IV)
08. Proteque - Mary did You know
09. 0xP (Zyron) - Train Station Nation
10. DJ Flatline - Hark! The hardcore Angels sing (HCXMAS 2008)
11. Saga Musix - Silent night hardcore
12. JCO - Oh, come little children
13. The Forgotten Polish Composer - Dingle Berries
Total playtime: 39:46min.


BitJam Episode #49

Episode #49 - HighScore Music
BitJam are happy to bring you some of the best and most memorable Highscore tunes from the time when reaching that No.1 slot and beating your friend was so important! Join us on a journey to reach these heights as we travel from the games 'Alien' to 'X-Out' covering many classics and platforms along the way.

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #49 by KF
Big thank you to Sahkolihaa, Bobic, KEiTO and The Godfather for their ideas and help!

01. 2Klang - Giana Sisters Hiscore (D-Flingern Mix)
02. Jochen Hippel - Enchanted Land
03. Charles Deenen - Zamzara highscore
04. Laxity and Kristensen - DNA Warrior
05. Barry Leitch - Lethal Weapon
06. Jesper Kyd - A.Highscore
07. Drax - HiScore II (subtune 1)
08. Drax - HiScore II (subtune 2)
09. Jeroen Tel - Rubicon highscore
10. Hein - Rubicon Highscore
11. Uncle Tom - Highscore jingle
12. Matt Furniss - Alien 3 highscore
13. LMan - Wizball highscore (LManic version)
14. Chris Abbott - Monty on the Run and Commando high score medley
15. Awesome-A - X-Out (X-Out new highscore RMX)
Total playtime: 35:01min.


BitJam Episode #48

Episode #48 - Revenge of the DOS Prompt
Break out your 386s and your GUS cards! The BitJam podcast is booting up the finest tunes to ever grace your PeeCee - and no Windows required! Remember how much fun it was to make sure you left enough CPU to mix all 16 channels in software?
Double check that DMA channel and let the BitJam podcast bring you back with...

01. Nagz - A Voy egy buzi
02. Quasian - Second time
03. Zauron - Salvation
04. C.C.Catch - Sacred grounds
05. Yolk and Legend - Eyegaboom
06. Necros - Babylon
07. Ryan Cramer - The sky of motion
08. Purple Motion - Starshine
09. Jugi - Nagual dance
10. Siren and Sirrus - Dreams untrue
11. Kvazar - Spirit
12. Swallow and Illusion - Elektron (Oat meal)
Total playtime: 42:12min.

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Buzzer, logo #48 by KF, big thank you goes to ALecs and Bobic for their ideas and help!


BitJam Episode #47

Episode #47 - BitJam anthologies feat. Barry Leitch

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #47 by KF, compiled by Barry Leitch. Big big thank you goes to Sahkolihaa for his help!

"When I was first asked to select 22 of my own pieces of music for a podcast, I thought, "that's a lot, I'll never find 22 I like.." then I started going thru the massive archive of the tunes I've written over the year, and I started copying the ones I liked into a folder called "Podcast".... I had 55 tunes.. So I got a few other peoples opinions, and whittled that down a bit. I think if anything I'm guilty of selecting several that sound the same, simply because those are the ones I like best. Your favorites might include Harlequin, Hero Quest or Inferno, or other games that were big at the time. Ask me again in a weeks time and i'll tell you a different set of tunes are my best.. Like everything it changes over time.
I hope you enjoy listening to these, I know I have enjoyed having a listen to them again, some of them I hadn't heard in years, so it was good to go back and remember what was going on when I wrote them. There are a few tracks in here you probably havent heard, they were either unreleased like the whole Epic soundtrack, or buried in a crap game that nobody played to the end.

01. Top Gear Las Vegas. (SNES)
"How do you make a Brazilians fingers bleed ? Simple.. write a tune and wait 20 years...I chose this as a good place to start simply because so many people have heard it in one form or another. Had I known it was going to be so widely heard and played I probably would have written it a little differently. We originally wanted to do guitar tracks for Top Gear, but making your own samples for it was impossible at the time and we could only send files to Japan to get converted, or go to NOA and spend a week converting amiga samples. I think we sent about 10 disks of guitar samples to Japan, and we got 1 usable sample back.. I think i used it in one tune.. In the end I needed a better "hook" so as we started testing out the hardware to see what it could do, we found out it could echo just a little, so we went with that, and I wrote the arpeggio's to take advantage of that. It blows my mind to see the youtube videos of Megadriver and all the other Brazilian guitarists playing this track, it's certainly touching to hear your music played in ways you could never imagine it being played.."

02. Without Me (Chip - 12 channel wavetable)
"I had to do a short demo for a chip company to show off the capabilities of their wavetable chip.. I wanted to do something that was off the wall and not something you would usually hear on the toy chips, so I had an accapella track that I snarf'd and went to town with a happy remix.."

03. Epic (Minefields) - Amiga / PC CD Rom
"This was written in 91/92 and sadly never released, This is the first place it's ever been released. Ocean were blazing ahead with new technologies, and invested in letting us do our very first CD audio soundtrack. You have to remember, we'd been writing music in 3 and 4 channels for 8 years or so getting to do a CD track was mind blowing. We got to use synths for the first time, and we only had about 3 synths, so me and Keith Tinman would be arguing over who got to use the Korg M1 that day. Doing this CD soundtrack was huge for me. It was the ultimate crescendo of my work at the time. I could actually write something that sounded seriously not bad at all. It still makes the hair on my arms stand up when I think how passionate and creative we were at that time. Not only me but Dean Evans and Keith Tinman too"

04. Utopia ingame 3 - Roland MT-32 1990
"Going back a year or so, this was as good as it got, the MT32 was an amazing piece of gear for the time, and while not really common, it was better than the soundblaster and gave the audio people a chance to do something that sounded light years ahead of the Amiga. When I originally wrote the Amiga version of this tune, the bass line was heavily influenced by some demo disks we'd heard that sounded REALLY nice, and had a unique sound. I was under a lot of pressure after Hero quest to write long ingame tunes (7 minutes+). We did a ton of MT-32 work for Gremlin Graphics and many other companies. Les Long had written a great proprietary tracker that allowed us to create all our own instruments and we took full advantage of it.."

05. Bassy - Rush 2049 N64
"This went to #1 on Garageband in their techno charts I think.. I did a wee experiment where I put two tunes on there, one from Gauntlet Dark Legacy arcade that took me weeks to do, and this piece that took an afternoon to crank out.. It was kind of dissapointing to see that gauntlet only made it to #15 or so.. I do think this tracks works well though, and its fun to drive to. I was pretty heavily influenced by Underworld at the time, I liked their style of percussion.The 2 part bass harmonies came outta nowhere and literally wrote the piece for me.."

06. Drakan - Order of the flame - PC - wavetable - DirectMusicProducer
"I think I was one of the first few people to try and use directmusicproducer to create a soundtrack with, so there was a hellish amount of bug testing. A lot of the samples in this were shared with the N64 Gauntlet Legends. The music was well recieved in the press, lots of 9 outta 10's.."

07. Spider - Laboratory Level 2 - PSX CD Rom
"I still think Spider was one of my best soundtracks all in. Although the mixing is rough as all hell. I tried to use lots of little "spidery" type sounds in there, and a nice mad scientist laboratory type feel to the level."

08. TFX - Maritime - MT-32
"I spent aaages creating those swooping bass sounds. TFX was an amazing project to work on, and one of the most popular (I still get a lot of mail about it) It was groundbreaking at the time, The DID guys had this amazing 3d engine, and were doing TFX and Inferno at the same time, and there was simply nothing else on the market that even came close. It made wing commander and all those Origin games look like childs play. Anyways, my vision for this tune was the plane flying low over the water on its way to a maritime mission. In the game it was so much fun to just fly around, so this one works pretty well for that too "

09. Top Gear Rally - SNES Title - Japanese Version
"The American version had a mid tempo piano based title tune. I'm not sure why I wrote it that way, but I was asked to do something more up tempo for the Japan release, so I cranked this out, and it worked really well, and then i felt dumb that I hadnt done this in the first place for the American release.."

10. Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - Gameboy Advance
"Who doesnt love Batman ??? The only thing I didnt like was the tunes were all real short (30 seconds). so it was very difficult to get a hook in there, or develop any big themes over time. Also there were tight memory restrictions and limited channels."

11. Pixter - Petshop - Pix the Dog's Theme
"Pixter was a kids hand held gameboy type thing with a touchscreen. Pixter took up most of my time for several years, some good times and some bad. I was very proud of the pixter title tune, as it evolved over each add on rom we did, but in the end this is my personal favorite. In the UK all the childrens TV shows on BBC1 had soundtracks by the BBC Radiophonic workshop, all these fantastic synth sounds, so I leant towards those tones for lead voices, the Learning Rom was a good example of this. I wanted a Cumbrian type drum for the backing, nice and busy, like a wee dog running around always into something, and then onto the next.. I'm also a big Vince Clark fan, so I'm as guilty as the next guy of being a fanboy.."

12. Rush 2049 - Title - N64

"...or maybe it's rush 2.. I cant remember.. I didnt intend it to sound ping pong-y, but I had such a big rave feel in the middle part that I wrote first, when it came time to do the intro, I wanted something unique. Also there's a breakdown that's influenced by the Lowrider piece from elsewhere in the game. The outro should probably have been the intro in hindsight "

13. Suzuki - Lap of Honor - PC MT-32 (1990 ish)
"Again a great game, beautiful 3d for the time. When you won a race it would play back your lap and play this over it, I tried to create a U2 type sound with the guitars."

14. Gauntlet Dark Legacy - Arcade / Xbox / Dreamcast / PS2 etc.
"The brief I was given to write this piece, was picture old style boats in the sky, with pirates swinging across from one to another on ropes, knives between their teeth. So given the orchestral nature of the rest of the project, I tried to incorporate some traditional instruments that pirates might have played It also makes excellent theatre opening music (http://www.starrynighttheatre.com/) I think in the end it was used for the Fields of Fire level."

15. Rush 2049 - Stunts - Dreamcast etc.
"For the stunts level you basically got to drive your winged car around and pull massive spins and stunts, so I wanted something kinda trippy. Snarf'd the drumloop from an Underworld track, and just went on a trip.."

16. Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - Clayface
"This is one of the rejected versions, the final one in the game was slowed down a lot. It's like 6 channels or something ridiculously low, and very short, but I liked it because it really captured the frantic battle, and worked in some cool jazz'y riff's"

17. New York - Pixter Travel Rom
"Very short, dont blink or you'll miss it.. How many channels ? Obviously I dont think this is one of the best thing I've ever written, it's just technically, it's good.. I think so many audio directors make the wrong calls these days, they opt for the big orchestral sound even though its totally devoid of content. Writing in limited polyphony makes you real careful about what you put in, and these days everything has everything in it, and absolutely none of it is memorable.."

18. Spider - Egyptian Model City - PSX
"I think I spent ages writing this, some awful amount of time just tweaking the little flute parts again and again till I got them the way I wanted them.. The mix is pretty crap, but the tune stands up well.."

19. Rush 2049 - 80's N64
"This was 1999 or so I think, and the world was changing, so it was nice to take a retro step back to the 80's and let rip with some analog sounds and blend it with 90's style beats."

20. Bonnie's Bookstore - PC - Wavetable
"I've included the whole soundtrack here, simply because I couldnt pick a favourite piece.. The target demographic I was told was 30-40 year old women, so I ran with that. Several of the tracks written in this were co-written with Brian Wantuch a good friend of mine and we had a great time writing these. The title hits you right away with that Vince Clark style - and who doesnt like Vince right
The 2nd part, as it's a puzzle game, I wanted music that wouldnt get in your face too much.
3rd Part, I wanted to get a nice groove on while I puzzled out the game.
4th part, a little bit more orchestral,
5th part, running with the orchestral theme and moving into a slow rock piece,
6th part, possibly my favourite part, I'd been to the big Ren fair thing in NY, and I thought this was pretty heavily influenced by the stuff I heard there,
7th Part - I like to think of this piece as the Evil Pix the Dog theme, I took some of the ideas from that and ran further with them in a direction I wanted to.
8th Part-I was told to write my happiest toy style tune, and I had a real hard time writing it. The big break with this one, the chorus was all Brian's idea, and has a real cool anthem style feel to it . I remember calling him up at 2am and waking him up to play him the piano solo verse I'd written at the end, as I couldnt tell if it was brilliant or crap as I'd been listening to that track all day, and was close to breaking
9th Part - I wanted this to be the final reprise of the piece, using some of the themes from earlier and setting you on yer way to go do something else "

21. Zone Warrior - Highscore - Amiga
"When we were working on Zone Warrior, the game changed so much over time, it became a completely different game and the music got changed along the way, as technology was changing on a weekly basis and sometimes even daily. Every new version of a tracker had a new effect feature that inspired me to write differently. This was written in 89 probably, we were working below minimum wage, we had nothing, but we were doing what we wanted to do. I included this piece because it holds such good memories for me. We had been in crunch mode for ages, working till 2-3 am and then back in the office by 10am again, day after day, weekends etc.. We were all fried. and while I had several audio projects going on, Zone Warrior was being done by the guys who I lived with. One night close to the end of the crunch I wrote this in about an hour at about 2.30am, and slowly the guys who were in the office could hear it cranked from inside my office and all started to filter in and sit down, have a smoke and a cuppa tea, and just chill out listening and enjoying it. and that's what it's all about really "

"Finally, I'll leave you heading off on an audio journey.."
22. Trip - Unused
"One of the only tunes I've ever written totally for myself.."

Total playtime: 1:40:15min.


BitJam Episode #46

Episode #46 - Selected Spectrum works
Welcome! This is the selection of highlights from the reach variety of spectrum music. Sure, there are thousands of them and next time you will get any more. I promise. - C-jeff

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #46 by Raynoa, compiled by C-jeff

01. Sairoos - Saga of Immortals
02. Fatal Snipe - Oral Dreams
03. Ironman - Distract
04. Mmcm - Goa Dream
05. D-juice - Duma
06. Andy Fer - Introsketch: Free of Feel
07. Mmcm - Al-ya Trance Frome Me For You...
08. Baze&Siril - I've Seen My Future Face (Non-party progressive version)
09. n1k-o - Magicians're Laughing Around nq
10. C-jeff - Crack Me Tonight
11. Key-jee - Ideal Weltall
12. Miguel - Chasing The Astral Horse
13. Jaan - Leviticus
14. Zhenya - Nothing
15. Mast - Activity
16. Midi - ZX Mb-ent
Total playtime: 40:39min.


BitJam Episode #45

Episode #45 - TRSi Allstars
TRSi, the alliance of Tristar and Red Sector Inc. is kicking since summer 1990 and has delivered since numerous productions on
Amiga, C-64, numerous consoles and the PC.
Bitjam Podcast #45 contains a small selection fine musical pieces of that period mixed together by mastermind tEiS.

Mixing by tEiS, logo #45 by H2O

01. Double Trouble - Back to Roots
02. Virgill - Crucifixon
03. WotW - Intro Number 50
04. Emax - Oberheim Power
05. Virgill - Breathe Control
06. Chromag - Hot Fast Slow Soft
07. Rebb - Bloody Memories Oldschool Part
08. Double Trouble - Misery
09. Romeo Knight - Boesendorfer P.S.S
10. Romeo Knight - I'm Gonna be Infectious
11. tEiS - 2nd Element
12. WotW - Pulp Fiction
13. tEiS - 2prO Possee
14. tEiS - SunDown MusicPMr
15. Chromag - Ghetto Deluxe
Total playtime: 44:16min.


BitJam Episode #44

Episode #44 - Roland LAPC-I tunes
The LAPC-I is an 8-bit ISA sound card for the IBM-PC, released by Roland in 1988. Containing the same technology of the Roland D-50, it allowed composers to create their own sounds at a much lower price. Being targetted towards home users, it was also supported in many MS-DOS games in the late 80s and early 90s.
Unfortunately, most gamers couldn't afford one, so they missed out on superb music and were stuck with the cheaper Sound Blaster sound cards. This podcast has been put together to bring back the game music you once missed.

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Buzzer, logo #44 by KF, compiled by Sahkolihaa

01. David Whittaker - Race Drivin' 95 - Menu
02. Frank Klepacki - Dune 2 - Introduction
03. Stéphane Picq - Dune - Chani's Eyes
04. Barry Leitch - Inferno - Moon
05. Dean Evans - Jurassic Park - Ingame 1
06. Dean Evans - Jurassic Park - Ingame 2
07. Matt Furniss - Laser Squad - Chapter Selection
08. Dean Evans - One Step Beyond - Ingame 1
09. Dean Evans - One Step Beyond - Ingame 6
10. Dave Lowe - Pinball Dreams - Ignition
11. Dave Lowe - Pinball Dreams - Nightmare
12. Keith Tinman, Dean Evans, Jonathan Dunn - Push-Over - Options
13. Barry Leitch - TFX - Defssupr
14. Barry Leitch - TFX - Maritime
15. Ian Howe - The Humans - Ingame 2
16. Ian Howe - The Humans - Ingame 6
17. Rob Hubbard - The Immortal - The Dragon
18. David Govett - Ultima Underworld - The Sygian Abyss - Ambience 2
19. Barry Leitch - Utopia - Ingame 1
Total playtime: 56:09min.


BitJam Episode #43

Episode #43 - SIDs You Thought They Were Not - Multispeed tunes
This is a "downloadable only" podcast episode. No radio, no airing on sunday...
Multispeed tunes have been a new dimension in C64 history. They sound very different to regular C64 music, sometimes you can't even recognize them as SIDs at all. We collected and mixed some high quality multispeed sids for this episode, enjoy listening and have fun!

Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, logo #43 by Sander

01. Jeroen Tel - Sonic soul
02. Dane - Break the cycle
03. GRG - In cyberspace
04. PRI - Hit'n'Run
05. Fanta - Pop inside
06. Shogoon - Commercial fake
07. Guy Shavitt - Digital madness
08. Zardax - Alka
09. MSK - Land of Illusion
10. Jammer - Mr. Marvellous
11. Randall - Assatas song
12. Vincenzo - Gazfroccs
13. DOS - Chubby tune
14. Jeff - Hyperzapper
15. The Blue Ninja - Metal Dust Title remix
Total playtime: 49:28min.


BitJam Episode #42

Episode #42 - Synth classic's
This is a "downloadable only" podcast episode. No radio, no airing on sunday, but it's released finally!
This time we collected some really good-flowing synth tunes for your enjoyment. BitJam Podcast is back online!

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #42 by KF
Big big thanks to Sahkolihaa for his help.

01. aMusic - Lithography - BitJam Jingle
02. Elwood - Sweet dreams
03. Imode - Flashtique
04. Siren and Sirrus - Dreams untrue
05. Captain - Beyond music
06. Jugi - Nagual dance 2
07. JRG - Alchemic experients 1 Breaking waves
08. Buzzer - Synthesizer
09. Jester - Stardust memories
10. Icicle - Funk generator
11. Mixdown - Feel the energy
12. JCO - State of mind
13. Little Bitchard - Sceneforming
Total playtime: 47:46min.


BitJam Episode #41

Episode #41 - Barry's scene favourites

Compiled by Barry Leitch, mixing by Vincenzo, logo #41 by KF

Few people acknowledge how much the scene influenced the games of the era, and thus in turn the games influenced the scene. I've selected several pieces that over the years influenced me, pieces that I still have in my playlist and much to my wife and kids dissapointment play in the car. With such a wealth of material to pick from, a bank so much richer than the mainstream, please consider omissions merely due to my lack of space.

01. Scrambled mind by Heatbeat
Such a solid piece. "Something.. A sight goes thru my mind - a promise of a better life.. is it a dream or is it my wife. A walk with her towards the sight, it gives me nothing but a scrambled mind". The synth brass solo's meandering like a scrambled thought.. Brilliant..

02. Pimpom by Duke
So many demoscene and game pieces suffered from being "the same old same old"..it was always a breath of fresh air to hear something written in a blues or jazz key. also its 11kb.
03. Forests by 4-mat
Matthew Simmonds - One of his less famous pieces, but particularly strong IMHO, very "Tull". It's been on my list of pieces I should remix for years along with many of these. again amazing work considering its only 4 channels.

04. Beery by nula
It only has 2 samples ! its 4 kb ! How creative can you get ? Excellent.

05. 70's repr by Audiomonster
Much MUCH respect for this man, producing any guitar piece in 4 channels is tough. let alone a piece as groundbreaking as this was. we were gobsmacked hearing it, and then went straight to rip the samples

06. Eighties pop by Boo
When I think of demo music, this is what I hear, cute, fun, and to the point.. I remember hearing an interview with a south african musician once, who couldnt stand western music, he asked "but how is it supposed to make you happy ?". To him, we'd all completely missed the point and I think this piece hits it right on the head. It makes you happy.

07. Stranglehold by Jeroen Tel
JT with his competition entry from 1995.. great mellow piece.

08. Street jungle by HeatBeat
Where did this man get his samples from ? I worked for a software company and we didnt even have a sampler let along anything to sample to get all these great sounds he created. It's very possible the lead on this ended up in Pegasus.

09. Zarathustra by Drax
Epic demo music. Gotta love theme pieces, and such a good strong melody.

10. Bim bam bom by Loonie
Who doesnt love that bontempi organ groove ?

11. Funky stars by Quazar
Cracktro's and intro's are still a big part of the sceene. Think of the hundreds of thousands of people who hear them. Most recording artists would kill for an audience that large.

12. Atomic playboys by Screamager
And in 13k, if I had a buck for every time i've heard this...

13. Malinka by Rts
Thus drawing my selection of scene music to a close. You can almost see the credits scrolling

14. Tetris Remix (MT-32) by Wally Beben
This piece stands on its own by far. When I first heard tetris playing on the c64, we didnt realise it had music due to its quiet start. I remember a few of us sitting there being blown away wondering when, if ever it was going to loop.. A few years later, and the Roland MT32 / LAPC1 sound card had become the in house musicians favourite. It gave us the ability to create the sounds we'd always dreamed of. Sadly not many gamers bought them, So it felt like we were only writing the music so other game musicians would hear it. I'd talked to wally beben on the phone while I was at Ocean, and he was excited to hear someone else had an mt32 and while he hadn't had the opportunity to work on it commercially at the time, he had "knocked up" a demo of his c64 tetris music. I've made a point over the years of keeping this safe, which given the bi-annual machine formats, system crashes etc, it's a miracle it survived. I'm very glad it did tho as it's an absolutely beautiful piece, and still can bring a tear to my eye listening to it all these years later. This is the first time this piece has been broadcast to the public. Sit back, turn the lights out, light up and enjoy..


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