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BitJam Podcast 11-20

Hardread and BitFellas present BitJam Podcast!


BitJam Episode #20

Episode #20 - 20 years of scenemusic
This episode is a homage to the last 20 years of demoscene music - one tune from each year from 1987 until 2007. Please note that the year of the demo was used rather than the year the tune was made, for example Physical Presence was made in 1993 but FLT^VD - Love was released in 1994. Also as this is episode #20 we would like to thank all who have supported us with their own podcasts and given us ideas and feedback.
Thanks to Alecs^BRS for his help!

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, compiled by Serpent, logo #20 by H2O

01. Sleepwalk by Karsten Obarski (1987)
02. Metalsynth by Walkman (1988)
03. Ba1 by Bit Arts (1989)
04. Cream of the Earth by Romeo Knight (1990)
05. Robocop 3 by Jeroen Tel (1991)
06. Stardust memories by Jester (1992)
07. Elekfunk! by Moby (1993)
08. Physical presence by Jogeir (1994)
09. Onward by Jugi (1995)
10. Dive soundtrack by S. Roger (1996)
11. Koffie shop by Azazel (1997)
12. Sphinx by Virgill (1998)
13. Virtual escape (end) by Mad Max (1999)
14. Stompin' little scouts by Elwood (2000)
15. Picknick in the meadow by KB (2001)
16. Demotune nr2. by Vic (2002)
17. I am you by aMUSIC and Leviathan (2003)
18. Jazzberry juice by Reed (2004)
19. Ocean machine by Crankshaft (2005)
20. Choose zero polys and shaders by Little Bitchard (2006)
21. Function 2007 invitation by Xenophobe (2007)
Total playtime: 1:27:58min.


BitJam Episode #19

Episode #19 - Drum and bass part 2
Once again we present some tracked drum'n'bass music from the 1990s - and this time it's about two trackinggroups: Theralite from Hungary and Rebound from Finland. Both hosted some big artists, in terms of demoscene credit as well as later "reallife" d'n'b status. So here we go with some big tunes - speed up and headbang with us again in the second Drum and Bass podcast episode!

Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, compiled by Dipswitch, logo #19 by KF

01. Fear of the Lord by Anorganik
02. Everyday life by Krii, Tricolore and Emit
03. Neutral capsule by Anorganik
04. Subject jazz by Wen
05. Not over yet by Wesi (Krii remix)
06. Special technique by Wesi
07. The mind killer (rmx) by Ewok
08. Coleco by Psidream
09. Needle X-O by Xhale
10. Subterfuge by Tricolore
11. The white zone by Wesi and Krii
12. Floating island by Jean Nine
Total playtime: 59:34min.


BitJam Episode #18

Episode #18 - Revenge of Brainstorm
Switzerland isn't just the known for cheese-holes, gold-bullions, watches and chocolate, but also for being the origin country of the demoscene group Brainstorm. Now being a completely international team, Brainstorm doesn't always take itself too seriously and relentlessly keeps injecting some humour into the scene. In this podcast Bitjam is taking a journey through parts of the group's archives, ranging from ZINE to Chillosophy, Cui-Zine, Rhino Discharge, Fairytale and more.
This podcast also features an exclusive brand new track by Scott.

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Buzzer compiled by Serpent, Buzzer and Axel, logo #18 by Critikill

01. Buenzli invitation by Virt
02. Copycat by Runaro
03. Intro2 by Julius
04. Dream crapper by Serpent
05. Equilibrium part II by Dj Joge
06. Black and white by Grubi
07. Diamond shrine by Xerxes
08. Object of desire by Mystra
09. Funck by Mice
10. Buenzli boobies by Axel
11. Girls girls by Scott
12. Day after eternity by Buzzer and Mice
13. Turtle by Romeo Knight
14. Titanuzia by Fleshbrain
Total playtime: 48:28min.


BitJam Episode #17

Episode #17 - It ain't much if it ain't Dutch
Attention! The Dutch are coming!
Holland has given us a lot of good composers. We have picked the best tracks among wooden shoes, tulips and windmills for your enjoyment.
And many thanks to Reyn for his exclusive music!

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by pOWL and Virgill, logo #17 by Alien^PDX

01. Flip the flop (Dutch Breeze) by Reyn Ouwehand
02. Bootsy's club tonic by Hein
03. King Lizard by Cerror
04. Bionic fields by Lotus
05. Unlimited bobs by Scavenger
06. Iso electric by Heretic
07. Synergy (Nosferatu intro) by No-XS
08. The connection by Jay
09. Breakdown by Cosmic Trance
10. Everybody (Welcome to Earth) by Bassie and Neo
11. Commando 2001 by DaTucker
12. International karate (80's remix) by Jeroen Breebaart
13. Mountain breeze by Jeroen Tel
14. Green Beret (Live at The Church) by Reyn Ouwehand
Total playtime: 48:03min.


BitJam Episode #16

Episode #16 - Best of 4k intro soundtracks
We got our microscope and went looking for big hits in very small packages. This time the podcast contains 100% pure softsynth action in the form of big, big tunes from tiny, tiny 4k intros. Part radiomix, part beatmix - enjoy this special guest BitJam Podcast mixing appearance by Gloom.
Shoutouts to the peeps in the nordic conspiracy!

Mixed by Gloom, jingles by Virgill, logo #16 by H2O

01. San Angeles observation by !Cube
02. Ikanim by Booster
03. Aranci by Gargaj
04. Stiletto by iq
05. Noxie by Maytz
06. Fusion by pOWL
07. Parsec by Sonic
08. Yellow rose of Texas by nf
09. Rapo Diablo 5000 by Loaderror
10. Souldrop by Smash
11. Alice Copper (unreleased) by Loaderror
12. miChinygma by Jimmy
13. Sprite-o-mat by Gopher
14. Micropolis by Toxic Child
15. My boobs are 4k by Lug00ber
16. Horde 2007 invitro by pOWL
17. Feet 4 by AND
18. 4kmdr by Herotyc and Trace
19. Galvaniseret Stall by Puryx
Total playtime: 32:20min.


BitJam Episode #15

Episode #15 - The Scene.hu "JFF" competition chartshow
Just For Fun, this was the motto of the long awaited online music competition, organized by www.scene.hu with Slyspy's leadership.
The compo was a big success: 30 musicians entered. This is a nice summary, because the hungarian demoscene is small
(around ~250ppl nowadays).
This podcast will guide you trough the entries in "Viva chartshow style", starting from the last placed song to the first.
Have fun!

Mixed by Vincenzo, logo #15 by Zoom

01. The vampires dog eat the frog by Slyspy
02. The chillout by Adolf
03. Dunkelheit auf Japanese schoolgirl by Sairus
04. Trancedance by SpeEditor
05. Never stop (Kalmi club mix by Kalmi
06. Bacteriologist by DrumR
07. Breaksk by Aha
08. R2 boogie by The flying saucer
09. Gonna be big by KCG
10. Beyond god by Ashtring
11. Unlucky - 13th planet by Pohar
12. Feel that funky beat yoo by Nagz
13. Stop by Kafboj
14. Vortex by TaZaR
15. AqTech in da house by AqTech
16. Plastic flakes by ZeNCs
17. Betrayal by Sir Moak
18. Full of goa by PlanetEarth
19. Shake hard by PlaySoft
20. Tranceistor by Shamen
21. Sense by Woland
22. Ethnical support by Tangram
23. Funk addict by Vincenzo
24. Nebulae by Nebidaan
25. We got da funky by Shaman
26. El Sol by Dex Diamond
27. A remeny toredeke by Kontroll Z
28. Vesztohely telen by Xenophobe
29. We all by RiaN
30. Lost in transplantation by Adam Baki (mr.pixel/impulse)
Total playtime: 61:13min.


BitJam Episode #14

Founded in 1999, Most Valuable Playaz (also knows as MVP or simply Mo'Playaz) was the cream of the crop when it came to drum'n'bass. Releasing mostly tracked modules, it has been a home for many nowadays big d'n'b names such as Muffler, Psidream,
Krii aka Resound and Mad-E.
When MVP went inactive in 2002, the scene lost one of the last quality tracking groups. Bitjam brings you a best-of Mo'Playaz special, exclusively mixed by labelhead tEiS and featuring the biggest MVP hits as well as unreleased material. Tune in, junglist!

Mixed by tEiS, logo #14 by KF, text by Dipswitch

01. 2prO! (intro, unreleased) by tEiS
02. Rain over Rampartt by Darkhalo
03. Timez by Krii
04. Love Prevails by Psidream
05. Bangkok Dusk by Lois Laine
06. Like Butter by Psidream
07. Plastik Milk by Fanu
08. Walk on Fire by Fanu
09. Svimmelhet by Lonewolf
10. We got da Funk by Mad-E
11. Merely Business by Krii
12. It's about Time Remix (unreleased) by Vable
13. It's about Time by Vable
14. Lite Teknolagy Remix by Krii
15. Lite Teknolagy by tEiS
16. Lite Teknolagy Remix by Techleash
17. Techniqs Remix by Techleash
18. Techniqs by LordChaos
19. Techniqs Remix by Mad-E
20. Ambushby Vable
21. Nightrider by Linus
22. Flamed Grill by Deginge
23. Broken by Deginge
24. Kodo by John Denheen
25. Scared Remix by Endoplasm
26. Scared by Mad-E
27. Reach the Orbit Remix by Mad-E
28. LaserTag by Psidream
29. Funktech Complex by J-Wolf
30. Dark Plasma by Plasmexx
31. Playin wit Breakz by KitCat
32. Eklipz by Fanu
33. WinterNight Remix (unreleased) by tEiS
34. OhMy (unreleased) by tEiS
35. Deep Trouble by deKonstrukt
36. Heartache0 by Decem
37. Fake PlayaZ (unreleased) by Aleksee and tEiS
38. Innerspace Travel Remix (Outro, unreleased) by tEiS
Total playtime: 59:26min.


BitJam Episode #13

Rebels - the band of badboys give you an almanach: memories of a decade, our finest ingredients.
After 20 years of rebelling, making demoscene productions, being one of the oldest scenegroups, we are still here. We give you a little piece of our history in chronological order.
Rebels - We Make All Days Partydays!

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by H2O

01. Hvorhen by Yoyo
02. Total triple trouble by Static
03. Street jungle by Heatbeat
04. Highspeed by Nugget
05. Vitality - none by Omega
06. The Rebels return by Vocal
07. Switchback by Chromag
08. Funky people by Jerry
09. Twenty4 soundtrack by Virt
10. It's all in the vibe (slow) by Ne7
11. Assembly 2006 invitation soundtrack by Vincenzo
12. Friday, the 6th by Dalezy
13. Komm, oh Tod, du schlafes bruder by Virgill
Total playtime: 43:30min.


BitJam Episode #12

This episode contains interviews with the Function2007 visitors: Kelsey, Jailbird, Dipswitch and Nuke. Sadly, the interviews with Delilah, Iq and Irene were bugged (thanks to the recorder), so we couldn't use them... Sorry guys...

Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by Zoom, special guest star: Pohar, as reporter

01. Daemon city by Woland
02. Meditation by Marti
- Interview with Kelsey /Ümlaüt Design at the infodesk -
03. Trickster by Sir Moak
04. Ending by Rc55
05. Disruption in chaos theory by V0yager
- Interview with Jailbird /Booze design -
06. The drunken clayfish by Fegolhuzz
07. Stoerfeuer by Dipswitch
08. Nem én kiáltok by Xenophobe
09. Earth by RiaN
- Interview with Dipswitch and Nuke /S!P -
10. Psycholate truffel by ForceQ
11. I'm in love with Rocky Balboa by Slyspy
Total playtime: 38:34min.


BitJam Episode #11

This time the podcast contains classic Amiga demotunes turntable-mixed by Virgill. I'm saying it's going to be a very big hit!

Mixed by Virgill, exclusive Bitjam jingle by CONS, logo by KF

01. In the kitchen by 4-mat
02. Beams of light by Walkman
03. Hardwired theme by Jesper Kyd
04. A king is born by Dreamweaver
05. Coma by Static
06. Demo (Lemon announce) by Julius
07. Red Sector theme by 4-mat
08. Madness took me by Uncle Tom
09. Bodykiss (wild copper demo) by Pat
Total playtime: 41:09min.


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